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I know- it should be Surf and Turf, but on this Island and in this park district it seems that grass will always trump water, until of course we run out- of water that is. I start off this way this time because I endured yet another virtual water torture of a meeting at Ober Park last night.

I have an old kitchen, and by old, I mean that it hasn’t been updated EVER and was built in 1920. So, I have a really cool old fashioned ice box built into my cabinets with a place for ice and ventilation to allow the cold air to move through and keep my food fresh. I have zero built-in appliances.

Obviously I am doing something wrong or something someone did prior to my efforts is wrong. The monitor in my new office location simply will not respond. My computer guy is not available to me right now, and I’ve unplugged and replugged and off’d and on’d everything I can.

Within an old trunk in the attic lies a treasure trove of games, memories and circus acts. As the trunk’s contents are revealed, five friends are inspired to relive their formative years, and rekindle their love of play.

The brainchild of Islander Cara Briskman, Lit Lounge was inspired by similar events in other parts of the country and by programs like the Moth Radio Hour. Cara began working with Open Space’s Maria Glanz to craft this new program for Vashon.

I want to look at the big, broken political picture again this week, but I promise that there are definite actions you can take, here and now, to help fix it. As you are probably aware, some of us see a climate crisis while others see too much regulation, some of us see an insufficient safety net while others see a spoiled populace, some see insufficient taxation while others see excessive spending.

This year’s Bioblitz, organized by Vashon Nature Center, explored Maury Island parks and preserves for a 24-hour species marathon with scientists, naturalists, and local community members discovering as many species as possible in one full day and night.

The Ike Harmon Band plays original Cordilleran Tribal rock’n’roll, blues, folk and ballads. The resulting music is passionate and exhilarating as only masterfully-crafted and powerfully played songs can be.

From Smith River, a few miles south of the Oregon border, I headed through the redwoods on Highway 101. I traveled a little way on the Avenue of Giants, a dark, curving two-lane road under the trees which was still the main highway when my family traveled there back in the 1950s.

Recently, in one of the food-and-nutrition newsletters I get, I read that people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t. It reminded me of the excellent oat and nut waffles my sister-in-law, Jean, makes. I watched her create the batter for them and jotted down the ingredients. Oats are full of fiber, and have no gluten. That’s a boon for the 12% of the population who are celiacs or who get headaches if they eat high-gluten foods.

The Vashon DoVE Project and Woman’s Way Red Lodge bring the film “The Hunting Ground” to Vashon Theatre, Tuesday, October 20, 5:30 PM.  Following the screening will be a panel discussion.

We had thousands of crows on Vashon in the 50’s, they could lay waste to a garden and destroy it in minutes. The farmers hated the crows as they would quickly pick up freshly planted seed or pull out the fresh seedlings. Crows were pests on the island and we dealt with them, the same as raccoons trying to get into the chicken house.

Harbor School and Carpe Diem are now a fully united Kindergarten through 8th Grade independent school serving students on Vashon as well as off-island commuters.

With the beginning of fall comes a free after-school program at Vashon United Methodist Church for junior high students that will be non-religious in nature and include a variety of activities. The program will be facilitated by Ted Packard, who is an experienced wilderness school youth instructor and holds a Master of Education degree.

To be clear, I do not obsess on the VES fields both day and night. If I had a choice, I would pick the day time, because I like to sleep at night and I already have enough spinning around inside to keep me alert during the time of darkness,

October, 2015 (October 13 to be exact) marks the first full year of broadcast for Voice of Vashon’s community FM radio station, KVSH 101.9.  During that year, KVSH has featured local artists in its “All Vashon All The Time” playlist.

One of the most acclaimed jazz vocalists in the Seattle area, Greta Matassa has been honored as Earshot Magazine’s Northwest Vocalist of the Year for seven years.

It is so common to find the perfect sofa or some other must have piece when designing a room. You decide that this is exactly what you need for your space and there is no other. Next, you plan the budget for the room and more often than not, the art work is forgotten. Sure, you could utilize that framed poster you have lying around.

Recently, on the Facebook site, Future Water Vashon, Michael Laurie, local home energy consultant and green systems proponent, posted an account of his visit to the building inspector at the King County Department of Public Health to discuss the legality of compost toilet/graywater systems for onsite sewage disposal.

The trip was interesting. I didn’t want to leave home, but had to in order to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event, my fifty year high school reunion. I made arrangements, and I went, in a mixed mood with lots of doubts. Driving down the Willamette Valley I was thinking, I hate driving. I don’t want to do this.

Ellisport and KVI beach is a quite corner of Vashon that best is known for its sandy beach and quite saltwater marsh. But at one time the Chautauqua Assembly located at Ellisport was the largest resort in Central Puget Sound. Ellisport once had a sawmill, a store, a post office, a hotel, greenhouses, its own water system, the island’s first electric generating

Americans seen to have become much more conscientious about choosing foods for nutritive value as well as flavor whether eating out or at home. Even fast food places like McDonalds have added some genuinely healthy foods.

 “There’s the mother”, she whispered loudly enough I could hear as she nodded her head to me. The couple next to me paced in place with artificial ease. “It’s OK” the husband said to the wife rubbing her shoulders as we all waited in line.

Join The Famous Filson sisters for an evening of Bingo and Fairyoke Karaoke to support The DoVE Project on October 3rd at The Vashon Eagles! October First Saturday is gonna be NUTS.