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Cordaviva is a 9-piece powerhouse of dance music influenced by the disparate rhythms and styles of the African diaspora.

Club O has been growing month by month, with more and more Islanders of all ages coming to dance and relax. And we have two very special Club Os in April and May! On Friday, April 11, donations will be collected to support Islander Larry Flynn and his annual AIDS LifeCycle.

Transport yourself to Paris evening with Rouge, Seattle’s premiere nostalgic French music group. International touring musicians based in the Northwest, they perform racing waltzes, romantic ballads and happy jazz-swings

Scott Harvey was upset by my February 26th commentary about Vashon Park District (VPD).  So upset, he felt the need to create his own public response

The Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association has embarked on a vigorous campaign to raise $195,000 needed to respond to a sudden and unexpected opportunity. In just a few weeks a private residence next door to the museum,

This article is being written by a private citizen of Vashon, who happens to be a Vashon Park District Board Commissioner,  in response to a article by Lu-Ann Branch, which was not reviewed or approved by the Park District Board before it was published. 

Mustelid mania overcomes our Jack Russell terrier, Nashoba, when she detects Ono the Otter scampering under our deck with a juicy flounder or other succulent prey item. Nashoba whimpers and snorts at the floor above the spot where the river otter hides. This can be challenging when it happens at 3:00 AM.

In one week my Dad will be eighty nine years old. On that day, he will be two things- one new and one that he’s always been.

During the week of March 10, Mariah DeForest served as a page with the Washington State Senate in Olympia.

State Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson today named Capt. George A. Capacci interim assistant secretary in charge of the Ferries Division for the Washington State Department of Transportation.

My Honda is in the shop being inspected for needed repairs, so I am driving Rick’s truck this week. My Honda has an automatic transmission. Rick’s Nissan has a manual transmission.

To mark the grand opening of the expanded and renovated Vashon Library, a community ribbon-untying celebration will be held Saturday, March 29, 9:30am at 17210 Vashon Highway SW, Vashon Island. Please join community leaders, library staff, Friends of the Library and residents in celebrating the landmark occasion.

Vashon Youth & Family Services announces today that it is consolidating its Mental Health and Chemical Dependency treatment programs into a single Mental Health program.

In the hands of a skilled carpenter/cabinetmaker, the antique dresser was suddenly not a piece of junk. Fortunately I had called to see whether or not the tall boy with the scroll back and tiny old-fashioned wheels could be repaired or just needed to be thrown out.

Vegetables from the sea bring you 97 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probably nutritional elements our food scientists haven’t discovered yet.

VAA Center for Dance’s Original Works for the first time stands as its own production rather than as part of Spring Ballet.

High and Lonesome was formed in 1985 and played all the bluegrass festivals throughout the Northwest. 

The Finisterra Trio presents two piano trios popular with chamber music audiences,

The Vashon Island Chorale begins rehearsals on Tuesday, April 1 to prepare for its celebratory 25th anniversary concert “No Bridges” to be held at Bethel Church

I write this on the sorrowful anniversary of Tsu’xiit/Luna’s death. Hail pounds the roof, as it did on the day Luna died. Tsu’xiit left his earth swim during a freaky, powerful thunderstorm. Killed on March 10, 2006 at the tender age of 6½,

Things have definitely changed in my times with the television set. Having gone from Captain Kangaroo and Leave it to Beaver to South Park and the Daily Show, we have seen what some might call a shift in the available viewing spectrum of shows.

Over three years ago, our Transition Vashon group formed to address our community’s preparedness to face the changes that we saw coming in adapting to climate change and avoiding its worst affects.


Are you planning to experience the Joan Miró exhibition at Seattle Art Museum or Isamu Noguchi’s show at the Frye Art Museum this Spring?

The changing plumage of local birds provides another sign of spring.  In the last column, I talked about how the resident birds already are beginning to perform their breeding season music.