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Vashon Allied Arts offers several summer youth camps for arts and fun.

Vashon Youth and Family Services (VYFS) invites everyone to set a new world record for the most kayaks and canoes rafted up in the waters off Quartermaster Harbor.

Soul Senate is a 7-piece, high-energy, adrenaline-inducing, audience-oriented, original soul/funk party powerhouse. This band has lit up the dance floor at the Bike in the past, but they are pulling out all the stops for Strawberry Festival Friday – do not miss this epic show!

The Celtic/Folk/World music duo Four Shillings Short are coming to town.  ”The delightfully surprising collection of songs and sounds this husband/wife act create, while stretching the limits of Celtic music by stirring in generous amounts of Indian Ragas and Middle Eastern flavorings

Publish the Quest,  a band with deep Vashon roots that has made a name for itself worldwide as both a musical and philanthropic force, is coming home to Vashon for the biggest weekend on Vashon.  Strawberry Festival!

Top sheepherding teams from across the country will be competing on Vashon a month than usual earlier this summer --August 22-25, Misty Isle Farms.

Vashon’s own FM community radio station is on its way.  With a little more community support, Islanders will soon be able to listen to 101.9 KVSH-FM on car radios, at home or work, and learn about Island issues

The only female in the competition, Alexina Slater was more than a long shot. She was seen as a risk to the whole event. Too young, too reckless, too weak and too female for such a challenge, the organizers sent a special boat along with the swimmers to trail the main group and pick up the girl once she fell behind and before she drowned.

Vashon enjoyed its third year of injury free fireworks usage last year, however there was a fire on July 4’th. Initially it was thought that a sky lantern had ignited the house

Mark your calendars, summer is almost here and so are the annual free Summer Concerts In The Park.  Bring the family! 

Swindler is a fresh take on deep pocket groove with a penchant for intricate fusion and improv magic. Hailing from the Emerald City, this exciting project

Face it, you are going to need something to look forward to. After the neighbors have finished blowing up what had been their kids’ college funds and then returned the cooler you loaned them so they could transport their flag-festooned fingers to the medic

Come Friday, Independence Day, grills will be fired up all over the Island, and beyond. Before you even put the charcoal and/or mesquite wood into the grill, make sure the cooking surface of yours is totally clean.

The etched glass on the side of the Goat Hill Parking Garage    beckoned the third time the car cruised down fifth avenue. The original plan had been to take the bus. It would stop right in front of the courthouse and be easy steps up to the Council chambers.

A few weeks ago Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company posted a video of Big Brother at the Monterey Pop Festival in June, 1967, on Facebook.

Each year, Harbor School students award commendations to six of their peers, each of whom represent a particular Cornerstone Value so strongly as to be an example for all of us.

In a return to the model that served the school well in its early days, Harbor School has hired Adam Kratz as a new addition to the Lower School faculty. Adam will join current elementary teacher Erin Blaser as co-teachers for its 4th / 5th grade multi-age classroom.

I was floating around in the Vashon Pool this past Saturday, taking advantage of lap swim on this first day of the pool being open this year. I was trying to remember how it feels like to be in shape for swimming, as I was feeling quite far from that point on my first day back in the water since last October.

Got an email in my junk box in which the subject line announced I had won a UK lottery. It was awfully good news. This living on Social Security is not a piece of cake. I can barely afford cake. The subject line made me smile once, a little, before I deleted the email unread.

Harbor School is pleased to present a new award honoring the exceptional achievements of our young alumni. The Young Alumni Award will recognize one Harbor School alumnus each year for his/her outstanding dedication in a career profession, charitable endeavor,

It was about 9 o’clock Saturday morning when I finally gave up. I was sick of the opposition, sick of being positive in the face of adversity, sick of trying, sick of doing excellent work that was cutting edge and visionary for like no pay

Imagine a day in July – the heat of summer just coming on for us here in the Northwest. You rise in the cool dusty morning and head up town, hours early for the parade. Finding a parking spot on the outskirts of town, so that you won’t get stuck later, you are just in time for the Pancake Breakfast.

Harbor School was founded by a passionate educator at the request of motivated parents. Since those first days, our school has relied upon the wholehearted support of its parents, alumni, and other volunteers to become a sought after and successful independent school.

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center is a high-quality, high-volume clinic offering spay and neuter services at affordable prices, including further-reduced and free programs for income-qualifying clients (as well as special programs for pit bulls and feral cats.)