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How was your sleep last night?  For many people sleep time is no longer teddy bears and being tucked in.  Sleep time challenges can begin to dominate lives.

Good people are people who do their best. There are a lot of good people on Vashon-Maury Island, and we are a diverse group. That’s why “respect for diversity” matters.

Are you in the raptures of love? Looking for love? Are you heartbroken or lovelorn?

Catapulted into the international limelight as a finalist on the first season of The X Factor, Northwest rock and soul singer LeRoy Bell has performed with some of the world’s most famous artists, including Joe Cocker, B.B. King, Sheryl Crow and Etta James.

Always a crowd pleaser on Vashon Island, Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band is coming back to the Red Bicycle for another amazing performance of his roots reggae music this Saturday night.

The temptation on chilly days is to cook everything and serve it piping hot. There’s satisfaction, though, in contrasts in a meal.

Birthday month: Caity will be 26. Then two weeks later Joe will be 30. Four days later Isaac turns 35 . Four days after that Chris turns 35.

Friends of Mukai will present a program describing the use of land mapping systems in restoring historic gardens at 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 22nd at the Vashon Maury Island Land Trust building.

For some reason, our phone service has become a mere shadow- or perhaps since it is sound we are talking here, a distant echo- of its former self.

The first daughter of matriarch Skagit (K13), she was born in 1986. She has three siblings and a nephew: brother Scoter (K25), born 1991; sister Deadhead (K27), born 1994, and her son K44, born 2011; and brother Cali (K34), born 2001.

The Vashon Loop has installed three weather station on Vashon Maury Island. Each weather station transmits it’s weather information to, and Weather bug Back yard.

The Labor of Love online auction to benefit Vashon Community Care is returning. This much-loved Island tradition, where Islanders bid on items or services that are made or performed by their Island neighbors, will run for two weeks, from February 12 – 26, 2014.

Storytelling is inseparable from human life. For generations, we have been telling story - be it around a fire to convey lessons for survival; at the dinner table to relay a funny happening from our day; in line at the grocery store to share a recent discovery

So what do you say the night after your husband’s funeral? What do you write about? What a beautiful service it was, and how many people it took to make it happen – incredible.

On Sunday the 5th of January, the Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society held its sixteenth Christmas Bird Count (CBC).

Pure science is a beautiful and complex dance of careful planning and unexpected discoveries. But things get truly convoluted when we throw in money, public agendas, politics, media, and liability law.  Here’s how.

Some aspects of building an effective, resilient community are more attractive than others. Working toward greater food and energy security and a healthier environment are exciting and engaging goals.

Vashon Chamber Music inaugurates 2014 with the first of a three-concert series in the visually and acoustically beautiful sanctuary of the Vashon United Methodist Church.

Singer-songwriter/composer/rocker Chris Brokaw has recorded and toured to international acclaim since 1990, when his New York–based rock band Codeine burst upon the scene, via Sub Pop Records.

County crews plan to completely close SW Bayview Drive in the 9300 block for a drainage project starting 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15. The road is scheduled to remain closed and traffic detoured until Friday, Jan. 31.

Even in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, latitude  1 degree 30 minutes north of the equator, there are days when the sun is at it’s farthest sout

The 8:00 miracle was discovering the winter schedule had gone into effect. Instead of ‘maybe gonna make it’, for the 8:40, I was checking emails waiting for an 8:55.

He was born in 1992, when his mother Olympia (L32) was about 37 years old. One three-year-old sibling died in 1981, long before he was born.

Dear Commuter Families of the Vashon Island School District,
My name is Carla Pizzano and my son commuted from Southworth to Vashon for grades 7 thru 12.