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The Vashon Sheepdog Classic (VSDC) will host its nationally sanctioned sheepdog trial for the 6th consecutive year at Misty Isle Farms September 10-13. The VSDC  has become the most well attended sheepdog trial on the West Coast. Known for its bucolic location and tough competition, spectators come to see some of the best handler and dog teams from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California compete on one of the most challenging fields around. This year’s judge, Luca Fini, comes from Italy.

Several issues ago, I began a series of home remedies for common ailments. To carry on with that series, here’s what I’m doing for an eye infection: It’s another application for my Magic Potion. I call it that because it works fast in most cases and can help for many health problems.

One of the world’s most frequently performed operas, The Elixir of Love is cherished for its whimsical wit and endearing characters, not to mention the many intoxicating duets and “Una furtiva lagrima,” one of the most hauntingly beautiful of all tenor arias. Season Seven of  Vashon Opera opens in September

Vashon Island band Fendershine’s members hail from five distinct corners of America, and their respective swampy, poppy, psychedelic, prog-rock and folk-punk influences come together in their own concoction of danceable rock.

Went out into the yard to put in the cone flower I bought on an impulse yesterday. Cone flowers are perennials, and I am in favor of plants that have the sense to come back on their own. So I found a spot, added soil from a new bag of potting soil, and put the cone flower in. It looked great, but only time will tell if it does great where I planted it.

This last Friday, I watched in utter amazement, joy, and gratitude as the rain pounded the ground to the accompaniment of lightning and thunder!   In the 44 years that I have lived here, I have never seen a dry spell like the one we have been experiencing.

Vive la France! On September 18 and 19, be transported to Provence and Paris for two nights of French festivities in support of Vashon Allied Arts. The 2015 Art Auction begins with Friday’s “Picnic in Provence” and continues with Saturday’s “Soirée à Paris”—a Francophile’s dream come true.

Situated on beautiful Vashon Island, PASSPORT TO PAIN (or P2P) is an extraordinary cycling challenge that offers 3 levels of vertical climb -- the 80-mile Idiot ride with a climb of 10,000 vertical feet, the 50-mile Weasel ride (6,500 vertical ft.), or the 30-mile Weenie ride (3,400 vertical ft.).

I hadn’t really thought about it until I sat down to write this, but it was a year ago (possibly to the weekend) that my sister informed me that she had gotten tickets for a lake cruise and I was being asked to tag along on that Sunday afternoon with her, my brother-in-law and his two sisters who were visiting.

A Uniquely Vashon Event is Back and Better!
Building on the success of last year’s event, Vashon Youth & Family Services today announces the second annual Raft Up!

In the early 1960s, when many of us still had black and white televisions, the three major networks dominated the market.  Back then the news was much less filtered. As Joe Friday would say, we got “Just the Facts”. Walter Cronkite was the CBS Evening News anchor who delivered the Nation and the World to our living rooms.

When your spouse shuffles off this mortal coil you have to take care of a lot of business. As time goes on and the angst recedes a little, the less pressing issues begin to arise, one of which is, should I keep wearing my wedding ring?

Pancakes are the quickbread I make most often. They’re perfect for a guest breakfast or a Sunday night supper. You can dress them up with real maple syrup, or more healthfully with yogurt and fresh fruit. Or bake them with fresh or frozen blueberries folded in just before baking. Added before the last minute, frozen berries tend to bleed blue juice, spoiling the beauty of our product.

Kenpo Karate self-defense fall season classes for adults and continuing children will start Wednesday, September 9, at the Ober Park Performance Room.  A new class has been added for beginner children every Tuesday starting September 15.

There is a poster used by Domestic Violence educators that shows the different roles of DV. Nobody is a real person in situations involving DV. Everyone just plays a role. That’s the point they are trying to make. Real only happens in healthy.

An all day music festival featuring prominent young and older established musicians from Vashon and Seattle to raise money for underprivileged kids in the Chautauqau and McMurray music and other arts  programs.

Vashon Events and the Vashon Park District have announced the lineup for the annual Summer Concerts in the Park. The extremely popular and free outdoor concert series will begin on Thursday, July 2nd and run through Thursday, September 10th. All concerts start at 7pm and are held in Ober Park on Vashon Island.

Bill Carter has been a pillar of the Texas music scene for three decades. Over 200 artists have found gold in the songwriting genius of this legendary Texas troubadour,

 It was dusk and a low mist hung over the field where two deer stood, a doe and a buck, hardly visible through the haze. It was cold but not raining, my eye trained to the little B-B on the end of my barrel. It was my first shotgun at 12 years old and cost me $25 at McCormick’s Hardware, a Stevens 20 gauge-single shot.

Last summer, I met my friend Dunja at the Vashon Island Historical Museum to view the exhibit “Vashon Island’s Native People: Navigating Seas of Change.” Sunlight streamed in as we pondered each display, grateful to be learning about the pre-contact history of the island.

I may have referenced this recollection somewhere in the past in this space- I can’t recall for sure one way or another. For those of you taking copious notes, I apologize if that was the case, but it is a story worth repeating, especially in this latest context.

We all know Vashon is a wonderful place to live. And all of us would like to see it stay that way. But we are vulnerable to dangers caused by the very reason it is such a unique place. Its isolation. We are very dependent on resources found off island.

We’re coasting into late summer. I figure that after the Strawberry Festival, there are a few weeks left of wearing shorts and tank tops and going to the beach, but you might as well acknowledge that fall is coming.

As I write this, the July heat wave has passed and it actually rained for a few minutes this morning! But we all know we’ll experience more hot days and may be in the midst of a series of them when this hits print in early August. Cold meals that require little or no cooking please the cook and the family best on such truly hot days.