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We are past the election and have our new commissioners on board, as of January 1st. Some things are the same: we still have wonderful parks and we have islanders participating in all kinds of active sports including hiking, soccer, horseback riding, softball, skateboarding, etc.

The Visiting Angels, a team made up of caregivers, Julea Gardener, Marilyn Oswald and Fran Brooks, correctly spelled cuneiform for a victory at the recent community spelling bee competition. Fourteen costumed teams took their places on the stage at Burton Lodge for the 8th annual  Bee.

The  convictions that all fats are bad and that we should throw out egg yolks seems to have run their course. Now we’re learning that some saturated fats are actually necessary.

This next month a new series of classes “Equally Artistic” is beginning at Vashon Allied Arts for Special Needs Kids.

Bill Wood is very pleased to be part of the Telling Stories series because that’s what he’s been doing since the invention of the typewriter.

Have you heard The Onlies play? If you have, you are likely as excited as we are to have them visit Vashon!

Romance mixes brightly with political satire in Drama Dock’s revival of Garson Kanin’s classic comedy Born Yesterday, opening March 7 at the brand-new Vashon High School theatre.

Randal Bays is one of the best Irish style fiddlers of his generation, honing his skills over twenty-five years of performing and recording. His fiddling has often been

In follow-up to our public open houses held in late October regarding revisions to the Fauntleroy/Vashon/ Southworth (triangle) schedule, we are planning two community meetings to get feedback on the proposed schedule option for fall 2014.

On Friday (February 21st, 2014), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved Voice of Vashon’s application for an FM radio station.

Raymond Deleon aims to expand perceptions around trumpet and classical music. Deleon started playing the instrument at age 6 under his father’s guidance in his native country, the Philippines. He had his first solo performance at age 9.

Purr Gato…the wave of the 80s, trip hop of the 90s and LoFi of now….

“If you look at what we did, is we acquired an asset for, like, uh, fifty cents on the dollar, because we got the state to pay more than half.” Bill Ameling

Nothing says, “I love you,” like something chocolate. It tastes good. Eating it makes you feel good. Chocolate may even lengthen your lifespan to its full allotment. For sure, it will enhance your and your true love’s joy in the living of it.

Has anyone noticed the bursting out of bird song recently?  For the last several weeks I’ve heard more and more of our breeding birds that stay year-round trying out their spring songs.

The Pretty Good Opry comes to Vashon’s most venerated country music venue, the Red Bicycle Bistro on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 8pm.

The transition movement upon which Transition Vashon is based began about nine years ago in Great Britain.  It was calling for personal and community changes to make us more resilient to the dual threats of climate change and “peak oil.”

From the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review, a notice of a public meeting on Vashon on Wednesday, February 19 concerning amendments to the Vashon Town Plan that would allow Marijuana growing, processing and retail uses in CB Zoned Properties and Marijuana growing and processing

Bakkhos Holding, the company that is purchasing the K2 building, is inviting islanders to attend its own public meeting on Vashon this week. The meeting is scheduled for this Thursday Feb. 13 at 7pm at the Open Space for arts and Community.

There are little partially used rolls of medical paper tape all over the house. I keep finding them, and have been removing them and little strips of paper tape about six to eight inches long from end tables, night tables, the kitchen table, window sills, bookshelves, and chairs.

Captain Dick & the Portholes have been an island favorite for decades. Known for their wild versions of slightly obscure rock & blues covers, as well as crafty originals, the band never fails to entertain.

Up-and-coming acoustic, indie-pop Lucy Horton Band (LHB) brings their fresh instrumentation and warm harmonies to the island. Lucy Horton (vocals/piano), Gabriella Vizzutti (violin), Kelsey Mines (bass), Anna Mines (trumpet) and David Solomon (percussion)