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The Rumble Strips play high-energy dance music from anywhere: West Africa, New Orleans, Brazil, and the pop charts. With full batteries of percussion, horns, guitars and vocals, it’s all hands on deck for a sound that’s sublime, ridiculous, oversized and built for joy. Not a show; a party.

In our religion, we have an obligation to protect our brothers and sisters, the nations of salmon, and so it was a religious conviction, as well as a need for social and economic change. 

Living is a business in which we derive what we need from stuff that we find around us and then must somehow deal with what is left over or transformed through use as “waste.” When there was lots of stuff and plenty of room for “waste,” using as much as we could and dumping the leftovers in a hole was just fine.

Drama Dock is pleased to present The Curious Savage. It will open March 13 in the VHS Theatre. It is a sweet and witty comedy set in a mental institution for the rich and famous - the Betty Ford of the Forties.

Woman’s Way Red Lodge brings another documentary to the big screen as part of its Women’s Film Series.  Tuesday, March 24th, 6 PM at the Vashon Theatre, “Daughters of the Niger Delta” will show everyday life in the Delta, filmed and told by the women who live there.

COMEDY NIGHT IS COMING !!! Friday, March 13th at 8pm, at the Red Bicycle Bistro and Sushi bar. The evening is hosted by local humorist and provocateur, Steffon Moody, and features an All Star crew of locally famous on-island comedians, plying their craft as only locally famous amateur comedians can ply.

Born in Seattle, 85-year-old Art Hansen remembers riding 
the Vashon ferry to visit his grandparents’ beach house as a boy. His grandfather founded the Island’s first bank.

Perhaps Stephen Colbert’s biggest contribution to the world at large was his coining of the word “truthiness”. In looking it up- not in a book but on the internets- I see that he set forth the principles of truthiness in one of his weekly “the Word” segments in October of 2005.

A squirrel made it up onto the bird feeder this morning. I was eating breakfast and looked out the window, and doggone if there wasn’t one of those adorable little rodents chomping on the suet cake as fast as it could.

SPOKE, a new business focused on body wellness and performance art, is set to liven up the downtown business scene. Spoke’s grand opening will be March 6th during First Friday Art Walk. Spoke Gallery is thrilled to be showing the work of Olivia Pendergast.

View the designs at the Library! The design posters from last Saturday’s public meeting are hanging up in the Vashon Library’s Meeting Room for all to view. Stop by and take a look. The third poster shows two different design options and the UW Storefront studio welcomes feedback and preferences on these ideas.

In Washington State, certain vaccines are required prior to enrollment at any school or childcare, public or private. Washington State also provides three exemptions: medical, religious and personal/philosophical. House Bill (HB) 2009 seeks to eliminate the personal/philosophical exemption.

Finding out Criss Fournier has ALS put it all in perspective. I want to use this column right now to broadcast the opportunity to contribute to her care costs at her GoFundMe site. If you can, please donate. They are halfway there. Mondi is carrying all this for her Mom.

This morning, a pre-weekly-shopping morning, one of my sons and one of my grandsons were present for breakfast. What to feed them?

The Line of Demarcation, an imaginary line of division, a line between us and them, enemy and foe, the known and unknown. The line between water and air, sea and sky has been our focus for the last year.

Vashon Film Society presents “Out of Print,” a documentary about the vital role of revival cinema, on March 6 as part of the First Friday Art Film Series  at the Vashon Theatre.

Celebrate France’s resilience and spirit in this francophone concert! You will be transported to the streets of Paris with Rouge, Seattle’s premiere nostalgic French music group.

 Love me Some Townes Van Zandt brings together Vashon musicians Loren Sinner, Kat Eggleston, Jeff Kanzler, Michael Whitmore, Mike Dumovich, Rebekah Kuzma, Gregg Curry along with Star Anna to celebrate the birth date of a true legend of American Songwriting, Townes Van Zandt.

Soul Senate is a 7-piece, high-energy, adrenaline-inducing, audience-oriented, original soul/funk party powerhouse.

Vashon’s favorite auction, the Labor of Love online auction to benefit Vashon Community Care will soon be open for bidding! The Labor of Love auction begins at noon on Wednesday, February 25, and runs for two weeks, concluding at noon on March 11.

My main concern in the Road to Resilience is how we approach and prepare for what many see as a major civilizational paradigm shift.  What is forcing the shift is the arrival of natural limits to the further development of the existing political, economic, and social institutions we rely on today.  At the base of it is a profligate use of resources and poor housekeeping.

Through the fog of years, I still remember the pool I learned to swim in. I was four, and the water was clear and warm. It was actually someone’s private, backyard pool- I do not remember their name.

Hula, songs, stories and a film from the islands celebrate the legacy of the Hawaiians here in the Pacific Northwest. Join us to learn about and celebrate the ‘Forgotten Hawaiians’.

Community Cinema Vashon, presented by the Independent Television Service (ITVS), Independent Lens, and Voice of Vashon ( is excited to offer a screening of American Denial, a film by Llewellyn Smith, Christine Herbes-Sommers, and Kelly Thomson.