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The Van Redeker Band performs danceable interpretations of songs by pop music’s greatest songwriters, including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke and JJ Cale, as well as originals by veteran musician Daryl Redeker.

Vashon Film Society presents “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” a bracing documentary about the rise of the women’s movement in the mid-sixties into the seventies, on Friday, October 2.

Can we all agree that Vashon is truly a remarkable oasis? From the fresh air we breathe to the food we grow, this Island gives us all the things we need to have a fulfilled life. I call it paradise. But this paradise did not happen by accident.

September 30 is the deadline for submitting materials for our community project: Heart of Vashon: telling our story. We are gathering material for an archive of contemporary material for the Heritage Museum. We also hope for material from which to craft a script for a performance reading in January to celebrate VAA’s 50th anniversary. Michael Barker will direct.

The most distressing aspect of trying to cope with the physical, economic, and political crises we face in the world today is our inability to act because of complete polarization of our body politic in the US.  Riding storm-tossed seas in a leaky boat, we are arguing about whether we should paint our oars red or blue.

October, 2015 (October 13 to be exact) marks the first full year of broadcast for Voice of Vashon’s community FM radio station, KVSH 101.9.  During that year, KVSH has featured local artists in its “All Vashon All The Time” playlist.

As I am sure I mentioned before, when Rick died I figured I would be out of my mind for at least two years. Having that idea intellectually is quite different from the actual experience. I didn’t know that my interior life would be burned to the ground when he died, or how long it would take to recover from the stunning reality of his passing.

Have you been longing to watch films that are more like short stories than like novels? Are you fascinated by the homemade high quality video production made possible by recent technology developments? The Sixty Second Film Festival is for you.

Poultry in Motion is basically what happens when you take talent, good looks, charm and enthusiasm, throw it all together in one band, then take away the talent, good looks and charm. They started out playing volleyball in vacant lots, alleys and transfer stations for tips. Later they graduated to playing music on empty trash bins in old car lots for pigeon food.

The Rumble Strips hail from Vashon Island and play a high-energy, nonstop mix of sounds from West Africa, Brazil, New Orleans and anywhere else.

We are overjoyed to report that after being missing for a week, Tillie and Phoebe are now safe after being found deep in a ravine off monument road - with Phoebe being stuck in an old cistern.

Solar power is at the epicenter of a storm that is transforming the way we power the American economy. Once the domain of futurists and environmentally-minded fanatics, solar power is becoming mainstream thanks to changing public opinion, a federal incentive program, and, in some states–including Washington–a sales tax exemption.

Most everyone was horrified, including me. What was I thinking? But ‘fool me once’ had extended itself to five unstable rentals.  From the couple who was going to go to Europe for a year, but forgot to tell me they only had a six month visa, to tenancy purposefully intended to act as counselor to the other mentally ill tenant (only once again forgetting to include me in the plan), my desire to find stable, long term rental so I could establish my writing career was thwarted time and again.

Diabetes has become epidemic in this country. It runs through my family, too.. If Americans could defeat diabetes, think how our medical expenses would go down, and our productivity increase!

There were all sorts of kids growing up on Vashon in the 50’s, most good, some bad.  There was a kindred spirit in us, as joined, to the instant recognition of an off-islander.  City people coming to Vashon seemed to have an attitude of the “city slicker” versus the “country bumpkin” that we found annoying.

This morning, I watched a seal pup casually floating on her back, with hind flippers flexed, drifting gently in a Salish Sea current. A few gulls kept her company. On Vashon-Maury, we can expect to see Harbor seal pups – newborns and “weaners” --into early October.

A little less than two weeks ago I opened up this paper to find that there were  suddenly now two flavors of Island Life being served herein: plain and “real”. Having lived and written and read the plain version a number of times, it seemed only right that I satisfy my curiosity and read all about Real Island Life so as to find out what insights writer Scott Harvey would bring to the fore and what I might have missed along the way.

This last Friday, I watched in utter amaDuring the 2008 presidential election, Obama spoke with a man on the street, later to be known as “Joe the Plumber.“ Joe asked Obama how his tax plan would he, as a small businessman, would be affected.

A good man died Friday, August 14th.  His name was David Hodges.  Some of you knew him as Diver Dave.  Many of you may recognize his face, as your septic truck driver, or your customer, or your neighbor.

It is the responsibility of a community to provide for the safety and well-being of its citizens as shown by the fire department, police services and school system.  It is also the community’s duty to provide adequate facilities, equipment and staff to take care of the needs of the doctors, who want to practice medicine and help people get well and remain healthy.

The skid strip on top was well worn and the wheels were larger than normal. That’s what I noticed as the skateboard easily slipped into the empty spot between my feet and the wall on which I sat.

The Vashon Sheepdog Classic (VSDC) will host its nationally sanctioned sheepdog trial for the 6th consecutive year at Misty Isle Farms September 10-13. The VSDC  has become the most well attended sheepdog trial on the West Coast. Known for its bucolic location and tough competition, spectators come to see some of the best handler and dog teams from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California compete on one of the most challenging fields around. This year’s judge, Luca Fini, comes from Italy.

Several issues ago, I began a series of home remedies for common ailments. To carry on with that series, here’s what I’m doing for an eye infection: It’s another application for my Magic Potion. I call it that because it works fast in most cases and can help for many health problems.

One of the world’s most frequently performed operas, The Elixir of Love is cherished for its whimsical wit and endearing characters, not to mention the many intoxicating duets and “Una furtiva lagrima,” one of the most hauntingly beautiful of all tenor arias. Season Seven of  Vashon Opera opens in September