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Everyone is invited to attend the launch of Vashon Reads about Racism, Culture, and White Privilege, at the Vashon Bookshop, June 2nd, 6 pm.

On a typical day around here, there is a cloud cover that makes the sky look white. When writing to friends in, say, Australia, I have often found myself reporting that the weather today is the usual high white overcast.

Imagine yourself as a billionaire in 1981.  Ronald Reagan has just been elected.  You’ve parked one of your billions in Treasury bonds—a solid, conservative investment backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

CHI Franciscan Health, which has operated the medical clinic at Sunrise Ridge for three years, announced on Friday the 6th it will cease operations there August 5 2016.

Vashon Island historian Bruce Haulman’s new book, A Brief History of Vashon Island, was released this past week. Haulman indicates that this is the second of three books chronicling island history that he has been working on. The first, written with Jean Cammon Findlay, was the pictorial history Vashon-Maury Island in the Images of America series. The third book will tell the stories of the people who have made our island what it is.

Rooting for Bernie? Pushing for Hilary? In a remarkable show of unity, Bernie and Hilary have combined their campaigns to run for Unofficial Mayor(s) of Vashon! In a joint statement, they said, “As seniors ourselves, we know the importance of Vashon’s Senior Center to the health and well-being of Island seniors, and to the vitality of the entire community.”

The winners of this year’s Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association’s History Project Contest were celebrated at a party at the Heritage Museum last Friday evening in the same way that their championship endeavors celebrated the Island’s history.

Like bears emerging from hibernation, we are a bit grumpy and out of sorts at Chez VHP. Papa Bear has a busted eye tooth that requires an extraction or a root canal. This tooth is one of the most examined and x-rayed choppers in the world! Papa Bear is inclined to have it pulled so he can just be done with it.

Chuck Kimmel was halfway across the street, his white butcher’s apron flying from his hand. George and Earl McCormick were right behind him, all pell mell for the fire station just west of the Vashon State Bank, where US Bank is now.

Rebecca Wittman, owner and President of The President of Me, has thrown her hat into the ring for Honorary Mayor of Vashon, naming the Vashon Heritage Museum as her SuperPac, er non-profit cause.

The current trends for employment seem to be heading toward a train wreck.   There is a strong push to lower labor costs as more and more work is being outsourced to lower wage labor pools around the world.  In fact, slavery seems to be on the comeback.  Free trade agreements, although not advertised as such, have lower labor costs as a main goal among others.

Tuesday, May 3rd is a day of inspiration for all.  It’s GiveBIG Day-- the one-day online event when donors can give to all their favorite non-profits at once and every donation is “stretched” by The Seattle Foundation.

Lately there has been a foofaraw about where transgender people go to the bathroom. Some people have this idea that if transgender people are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, male pedophiles will put on dresses so they can go into women’s restrooms and abuse little girls. At least I think that’s the argument.

Today’s column is inspired by Steve Silha’s request for more Greek recipes. Some of the best dishes we ever tasted were those we ate in small Greek restaurants, the kind with only three tables and the cook working at the back of the room or in her adjacent kitchen.

From the opening shot of Krisha, this month’s First Friday Art Film offering from the Vashon Film Society, the viewer gets the feeling of being dragged by a locomotive that’s about to go off the tracks.

Comprised of about 20 Islanders ranging from professional musicians to amateurs, the community musical group is celebrating its 41st anniversary this year. Charter member Lou Engels still plays in the band.

With a flip of his unkempt white wool, and a sheepish grin, Noodle the Sheep announced his candidacy for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon. Noodle rose to prominence after his appearance on an episode of the HGTV show Island Life.  He is also known locally for his heroism, as seen in video footage posted on

Johnny had invented a test tube holder to measure the cream content of milk in Wisconsin near the start of the last century. He and his brother had owned a dairy and Uncle Johnny lived off the patent for the test tube holder for the rest of his life.

As venerable cherry trees bloom on the Mukai House and garden grounds, the landmark farm property, after years of dispute, has finally returned to community control. On April 4th, State Court of Appeals Judges Spearman, Appelwick and Leach issued a unanimous and definitive decision affirming King County Judge Monica Benton’s 2015 ruling granting Friends of Mukai full legal rights to the landmark Mukai House and Garden

Have you dreamed about being an elected official? Want to ride the coat tails of the national election? Here is your chance to become the Official Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island AND support your favorite Island non-profit organization at the same time!

 The Vashon-Maury Island Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for the 2016 Strawberry Festival Grand Parade Grand Marshal.

As we get embroiled in the fever of the presidential election campaign season, it is important to get some perspective on what is really happening right now and what we should best be doing. 

We are delighted to announce that Heart of Vashon: telling our story is complete! We delivered all the project materials to the board of Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association last week. These materials are now in the permanent archives of VMIHA, offering a small peek into contemporary Island life as we roll into the 21st century.

New Book by International School Librarian Unflinchingly Opens Saudi Doors to YA Readers In New Action Thriller
Imposter  If you are an American teenager going to school in Saudi Arabia, and you disrespect the customs of your host country, the royal family, and a religion thousands of years old, your Teflon coating, the one you thought you had–compliments of your United States government–wears off quickly.