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I am tired of having to consider voting for the lesser of two evils.  That said, I will be working as hard as I can to convince all of you to get behind Bernie Sanders.  Here are my reasons:

Seriously, Google Analytics. Copy and paste code onto each of my web pages??!! I was raised in the era when Weekly Reader declared that three mice had returned from space alive. What are you thinking I am capable of doing??!!

Part of my morning ritual here and elsewhere generally includes the washing of the dishes. This is not because I am obsessed with cleaning, as a few people know all to well. It is because in a world cluttered and compelled by a variety of projects, it just feels good to wake up and finish at least one of them on a regular basis.

Vashon Wilderness Program will host its 9th Annual Storytelling Festival - Fundraiser and Dessert Auction on Sunday, January 31 at the Open Space for Arts and Community on Vashon Island. Starting at 1:30pm, attendees can experience their Sensory Forest, make nature crafts,

In our lifelong pursuit of work and mediocrity we often lose sight of the little weird pleasantries that punctuate our brief tenures on this planet. In recent years this problem has become so severe that, as a society, we have offshored the job of silly-seeker to those already employed in the fine art of explaining to you what it is you are experiencing when you are experiencing Life.

Throughout the time I’ve been writing this column, I’ve tried to point out ways in which we as individuals and as a community could become more resilient to changes that are and will be occurring in our world.

Listen in the Kitchen serves up delicious, homespun harmony at the Vashon Bookshop from 7-8:30 p.m. for the year’s First Friday Gallery Cruise, to be held this month on January 8, 2016.

My husband died two years ago today, as I write. That sad ending was a new beginning, although I certainly did not think of it that way at the time.

The High and Lonesome Band is a group of friends who’ve played together nearly 30 years. They’ve been together so long that some original band members have even been replaced by their offspring. With roots firmly planted in American Ethnic music, High and Lonesome brings an intricate, tasty brew of bluegrass, blues, and Bakersfield-style country music.

All that was needed was a little distance, a little perspective. Well, and I had to start taking piano again and commit to regular facial cleansing.

The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Written, produced and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2015.

Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist, wrote the new book Brain Maker, published by Little, Brown and Company of the Hachette Book Group. The gist of his book is that good health, energy, upbeat mood, efficient brain, freedom from chronic diseases, and joy in living all stem from eating the foods your good gut bugs like and thrive on, and avoiding sugars, wheat and other junk that encourages the bad bugs.

Mike was big for a Labrador, he ran 120 pounds and loved the water.  When he left the dock that was 6 feet above the harbor, the water scattered  for 12 feet on either side.

The dog really likes the new bed. The new bed has a full-sized mattress. This mattress came to me as gift because I was griping about my wonky back and my old mattress that was causing the wonkiness.

In January of 2012, I wrote a summary in that I was surprised to hear that a recent study found Vashon Island was the most liberal city in the US.  It was the first time I have ever seen Vashon singled out in a national context for anything.  My second thought was that I, probably like most of you, suspected as much.

There is a box on the floor in our house that arrived recently with the shipment of objects, devices, artwork, clocks and toys from my parents’ house. Despite its daunting nature, I am slowly going through all of it, although compared to what got left behind, this task at hand seems rather small, but not insignificant.

Whenever we host a big family dinner, we cook much more food than the group can consume. There are leftovers for our house and for the batchelor/s at the gathering to take home. It’s best to put them in glass or ceramic containers, not plastic boxers.

Paul Benoit has been playing music in the Seattle area and touring for over twenty years. He’s performed and recorded with numerous songwriters including Chris Chandler, Dan Bern, Reggie Garrett and Laura Love. After studying music and literature at the University of Washington, Paul joined the band Crosseyed,

There are exactly two chimes of the clock before the Nutcrackers start to sing, all kinds of Nutcrackers. There are ones dressed in fisherman slickers, and plaid shirts. Some look like Troll Dolls with green hair. The trick is to get the mute button on before they start to sing.

I’ve been lovingly referred to as a Grizzly Bear because I eat, eat, eat in the winter, and hibernate (or try to!). I could sleep through all of winter with a bowl of fettucine if I didn’t have two wild little boys to chase around and keep after.

Mandalas, or circles, are made as a mindfulness exercise with roots in many spiritual practices. For our purposes we will be working with 2-d materials and creating our own contained images within circles on paper. Welcome the New Year in with Mandala Meditation.

The sight of the armadillo stamped on the envelope always brought a smile. Inside the envelope, I had come to know, would be a tidbit of spiritual thought that pushed the edge a little or inspired. Gordie Fisk had sent me another article he thought would interest me.

A fun filled evening of the island’s best trivia with the hilarious and talented host Chris Austin. Enjoy a delicious beverage from Seattle Distilling and soft drinks and snacks are provided. Fabulous prizes provided by Hinge Gallery.

Vashon Youth Theatre will unwrap its latest production — the timeless tale of THE WIZARD OF OZ — just in time for the holiday season this year.