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In recent years, I’ve really gotten tired of the common use of simplistic labels that cause us to bypass our critical faculties to accept judgements about matters that our leaders and pundits would rather not look into too closely.

Grief is a lifetime sentence. I have heard many times that you don’t get over losing someone. The death of someone you love is at first unthinkable, and gradually becomes a part of you with which you make as much peace as you can, depending on who you lost and in what circumstances.

Sometimes it starts with a simple story.  No joke.  A guy walks into the Senior Center... He asks about an inexpensive way into town for a doctor’s appointment because he’s on limited income and no longer drives.  He talks to Executive Director, Ava Apple, who tells him about the limited and sometimes inconvenient options currently available.

“My Praguers understand me”––Mozart’s famous quote is the inspiration for Vashon Maury Chamber Orchestra’s spring concert. The program features Mozart masterpieces and charismatic works by Czech composers, including the dreamy “Idyll” by Leos Janacek and a collection of movements by Smetana, Suk and Martinu.

    Vashon’s shiniest, funniest, naughtiest event returns, with an even hotter extravanganza…
Falling on the weekend of Beltane, Burlesco Notturno HOT calls to mind the ancient May Day festival of fertility and fire – a celebration of the power of heat and new beginnings, falling into place as the sun waxes its way strongly into summer.Burlesco Notturno HOT

Early Flutes in Ulaanbaatar: Jeffrey Cohan heralded the first days of spring in snowy Mongolia with concerts at the Mongolian State Opera House (banner), the US Ambassador’s residence, and throughout China. Celebrate the boisterous cacophony of spring right here at home on Vashon

For several months, Tlingit artist Odin Lonning has been working on multiple projects, including a large totem commission. Starting this weekend, Saturday and Sunday May 2 – 3 from 10 AM to 5 PM, the public is invited to Vashon Forest Stewards to view two totem poles nearing completion, as well as the artist’s educational display and a variety of pieces for sale -- just in time for Mother’s Day.

For Gregg Curry, Ragged Glory was a sound birthed from the radio of a Mercury Montego he drove down Southern highways in summer with the windows down. It was Dylan, The Stones, The Band, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and so many others making something raw sound so perfect. He just grinned and turned it up louder.

Have you ever thought of getting something out of a kitchen cupboard and, by the time it took to turn around, open the cupboard and look at the contents, forgotten what you were looking for? It happened to me the other day. It scared me, and I don’t frighten easily.

Noon... I promised the editor by noon today. Eleven fifty nine. I’m going to be late. Nepal, Baltimore and a death in the family and I postpone what was going to be printed three days ago and try to figure out how to put very very strong emotions on paper.

We lived a half mile south of the Cove store on the Westside Highway and our Grandma Ollie lived at Cove where the post office occupied the basement of Mrs. Anderson’s house.  I didn’t remember her name, so we’ll just call her Mrs. Anderson, because a lot of the people at Cove were Swede or Norwegian, it having been a fishing village before there were any roads.

I view Vashon as something of an academic oasis.  In a broader State educational landscape suffering from the “drought” of program cuts and staff reductions that result in incrementally failing each year’s “crop” of children, the Vashon Public School district stands as a thriving exception.

Back in January, I booked a large, fast-paced project, giving me very little time to sit down and write anything. We are nearing completion, time is opening up a bit, and I’m starting to look again at my own home, dreaming of all the things I would love to do, and remembering how important it is that I treat my own home as I would one of my client’s projects

This is the first Ancient Future tour of the Pacific Northwest in a decade. Celebrating its 36th year, Ancient Future is the world’s first and longest running ensemble dedicated to world fusion music. They’ve sold over 150,000 albums and millions of samplers, and performed over 1,000 concerts.

The Chorale’s upcoming spring concerts feature Gabriel Faure’s “Requiem” and Edward Elgar’s “From the Bavarian Highlands”. 75 singers under the direction of Gary D. Cannon will perform at Bethel Church on Sat. April 25

World class master of the acoustic guitar, Enrique Henao will come to   Vashon on Friday April 24 and perform a solo concert at the Vashon United Methodist Church.   Earlier in the day, Mr Henao will play for students at McMurray Middle School.    The concerts are sponsored by   VIBES (Vashon Island Band Education Supporters). 

Comparisons are as inevitable in music as in life and in this sense singer/songwriter Jeff Kanzler is no exception (“reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan” Don Yates – KEXP, “John Vanderslice” Maurice Dielemans – Kindamuzik (Dutch Music zine), “Doug Macleod or Steve Goodman” Dani Heyvaert – MazzMusikas ( Belgium ).

Vashon Island’s community broadcasting operation has launched a membership program, looking to the future and the need for a steady and reliable source of funding to sustain all the services the organization provides.

Have you ever been enraptured by a good book? The hours slide away as the story unfolds, and you can’t help but continue to turn the pages. This past sentence summarizes a countless portion of my youth. I would read during family meals, at school, and even when I had friends over:

A friend of mine recently said, “If you are born on this planet, you are an owner.”  It seems that a lot of the problems we have, especially today, revolve around who owns what.    It has always seemed ridiculous to me that a person born into our country does not have an unalienable right to stand in one place, much less claim the space to build a shelter and grow or forage for some food.

This Earth Month, we have four Southern Resident orca babies to celebrate -- cautiously. Technically, the calves are not included in the census until they have survived one year. With roughly 50% mortality in the first year, not all four newborns may survive.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I haven’t lost my mind- just my patience.  Admittedly, my patience is being tested in a number of arenas at the moment, so a thinning is perhaps an understatement. As it was, the thin film of tolerance and credibility achieved a certain snapping-ness at last night’s Park District board of commissioners meeting- at least it did for me.

There has been a lot of talk lately about “going green” and reducing your ecological footprint. Many environmentalists suggest switching to compact florescent lights, taking shorter showers, and driving a hybrid car. While these things do help, the environmental benefits of these actions pale in comparison to the good done by going vegan

Some friends were complaining about chlorine in their water the other day. I sympathize. No one likes that taste or smell.