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Articles in "Politics"

In the early 1960s, when many of us still had black and white televisions, the three major networks dominated the market.  Back then the news was much less filtered. As Joe Friday would say, we got “Just the Facts”. Walter Cronkite was the CBS Evening News anchor who delivered the Nation and the World to our living rooms.

Mark Cavener invites you to support his candidacy with your write-in vote for 34th Legislative District, Position 2. "The greatest parts of my life have been about learning the power of collaboration and in so doing, truly being of service to my community," says Cavener, Vashon father, record producer and non-profit leader.

Due to the resignation of board member John Stazeck. The Vashon Maury Island Community Council board is accepting applications for the vacant board seat. There is about a year and a half left on the vacated position. Applicants will be voted on by the board for approval at the next general meeting. Please send a letter of interest to to be considered.