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Articles in "Habits Forming"

9. Time is of the essence.  One of our most valuable resources is time.  We can find time hidden everywhere if we look for it.  We can also let it become lost in the daily shuffle.  Once you have decided to make time for your workouts, you need not waste it.  Spending more than an hour working out isn’t necessary. 

7. More is not always better.  The more in this case is repetition.  If your workout is based on high repetition sets you are losing out on the benefits of hard work.  This is especially true when combining high repetition sets (15 or more) with single joint exercises like the bicep curl and tricep extension.    

Here’s the second installment in the series outlining the 10 worst and most often committed workout mistakes. 

In the next several weeks I will be outlining the 10 biggest workout mistakes made by the masses.  Take notes if you are stuck in a rut or a beginner.  This information will propel you much closer to your goals and at a faster rate.