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Articles in "Gallery"

A new gallery of endless possibilities….has opened its doors at Parker Plaza

17232 Vashon HWY S.W. Between Ober Park and Town. Heidi Stair recently moved into the cozy store front space now gallery. Through the summer, the gallery will be showing Woodworkers of Vashon.

Erik is well known on Vashon for his K-2 snowboard designs and engaging murals at Thriftway and Sporties. For the month of June Erik will unveil a diverse brand new collection of paintings specifically created for Vashon.

Dear readers, your eyes will thank you for checking out Odin Lonning’s supernatural-themed Tlingit artwork at Vashon Intuitive Arts this month. Titles such as “Shaman’s Wand,” “Spirit Canoe,” and, of course, “Supernatural Allies: Thunderbird and Seawolf,”reflect the essence of the pieces.