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We’d like the women of Vashon/Maury to help us design Hestia Retreat, a sanctuary for women. Lend your creativity by sharing what you’d love Hestia to look like, and what programs you’d like to see offered there. Come learn more about this exciting retreat center, and meet the women who are bringing the vision to life.

On Saturday, November 5, Open Space throws open our doors from 4pm to 7pm for another round of Happy Hour – a fabulous, fun ladies event featuring Runway Fashion Shows, Onstage Demos, Beauty & Pampering, Retail Therapy, an Eco-Chic Clothing Exchange, and Dancing On Demand!

A few tidbits of what we’ll feature include: 

While final figures were not available by the time The Loop needed to go to press, preliminary figures for this year’s Fur Ball , the primary annual fund-raising event for Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), suggest that the soirée was a smashing success.

A critical analysis of the Vietnam War has long since been left to historians. But what still is important today is honoring those soldiers left standing, and those who lost their lives fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. On 1st Friday, October 7, 2011, Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum did just that through their exhibit, Home of Record: Vashon and the Vietnam War.

Our wars are still going on, although we want them to stop – they haven’t stopped, and it won’t stop for quite a while. In Iraq the fighting and dying may be ending, but not in Afghanistan. This means more wounded are lying in battlefield hospitals, still others are waiting to be transported to hospitals stateside and still more are in hospitals here in Washington State, waiting for their wounds to heal so that they can return home. Regardless of our own personal stand on all this, we can do something.

Vashon’s streets and neighborhoods will soon be shinning purple lights to send a strong message that, ‘Domestic Violence has No Place in Our Community.’ The campaign is part of a national awareness initiative that involves businesses and residents shining a purple light bulb or string of purple lights on their front porch or front windows for the entire month of October to remember the victims and honor the survivors of domestic violence.

A "CARNIVAL" family friendly event! The Harvest Party at Chautauqua Elementary from 6pm-9pm on Friday, Oct. 28th, sponsored by the PTSA. The night will be fun raising & fund raising for multiple programs and activities in our schools.

Evening events include: Costume Contests, Zombie Konga, Pumpkin Bowling, Eyeball Relay, Harvest Arts and Crafts, Face Painting, Manic Hula Hoops, Games and Prizes, Twisted Balloons, Bounce House, DJ with Ghoulishly Good Music in the Gym, Cake Walk, Pumpkin Pie Contest, Food Galore and a 50/50 Raffle.

Vashon Islander, Dr. William Foege, is credited with devising the global strategy that led to the eradication of smallpox. It has been estimated that Dr. Foege’s work has saved the lives of more than 122 million people worldwide. Vashon Community Care is excited to announce that the next speaker in the Telling Stories Speaker Series, by and about Vashon locals, will be Dr. Foege.  

Community Cinema Vashon will be screening the film DEAF JAM this Sunday, October 16th at 3pm at the Ober Park Performance Room. This event is FREE and happens on the third Sunday of every month. The Community Cinema monthly series from ITVS, Independent Television Service, premiers documentary films which will soon be aired on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens. These films cover a wide range of interesting topics about important issues of our time as well as audience favorites from film festivals across the country. Viewers are taken to places that they would not otherwise see, and encounter people that they would not otherwise meet.  

"I can live here!" SusanWhite’s words sealed the deal for Emma Amiad when she brought her partner on a Spring drive to see Vashon Island 24 years ago. They drove from the north-end to the south-end and when they reached the Tahlequah Ferry dock Susan was sold on the idea of moving here. At the time, she was living near Everett and the prejudice around gay and lesbian issues made life tense and uncomfortable. On Vashon in addition to the lush environment, she felt a peace and tranquility she did not experience elsewhere.

Do you know someone who needs help? Do you suspect there are many others who are not being served? Share your thoughts. Let’s start brainstorming together and solving problems on the island. Send your ideas to Vashon Idea , a suggestion box established by the Vashon Maury Island Community Council’s Outreach Committee. Better yet, join in the Outreach activities as well. The committee is looking for ideas and members to link with the various groups of islanders, all with different interests and needs.

Curt was born in East Saint Lewis, Illinois, and began coming to Vashon in the summer of 1976. He spent most of his summers here thereafter, eventually becoming a year-round resident. Curtiss divided his adult life living between Illinois and Vashon. While on Vashon he worked several years at the Golf & Country Club, and became the Golf Club Superintendent. In later years he started his own landscaping business. He was a resourceful, hard-working man who was quick to lend a hand to others.

On Saturday, September 24, eight labyrinths on Vashon Island will be open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. You are invited to take a self-guided tour of these labyrinths and the gardens where they are set.

The tour begins at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, which is located on the Island highway across the street from the Vashon Community Care Center. Maps and directions to the various sites will be available there.

The "New Look" Vashon Eagles will host A Luau-Style Barbeque and Picnic, September 17th, at our club, 18134 Vashon Highway SW Vashon, WA, to benefit the Vashon Maury Community Food Bank.

Saturday September 17th starting at 3:00pm there will be a Tiki Bar, a pig roast, raffles, a live auction and live music.

All proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank.

Less than two months ago the United Nations declared a famine in parts of East Africa. It was widely covered by the national media for several days but has since received very little attention. Now the UN has even greater warnings about the scope of this terrible situation.

Tens of thousands of refugees have died and more than half a million children are on the brink of starvation. UN officials have stated that the famine continues to spread, warning that 750,000 people could perish in the next few months unless humanitarian aid increases.

After a near-disappearance of Purple Martins (Progne subis) from the Northwest, the large dark swallows are experiencing a significant and steady increase in nesting pairs over the last two decades. This rise is due to volunteers who place nest boxes and gourds on pilings along the Columbia River, through Puget Sound, and into British Columbia.

On Friday August 19, 9 climbers set off to summit Mt Rainier. They have been training and fundraising for 6 months to a year for the Climb for Clean Water. The Climb is a Rotary project spearheaded by Sam Collins, past president of the Vashon Island Rotary and former Executive Director of Vashon Youth and Family Services. The fundraiser raised about $25,000 for clean water for 13 Guatemalan villages where the Vashon Island Rotary has been working to improve public health.

Regarding statements made in the article "Consider Consideration" by Karen Pruett, it should be noted that there is a difference between what Ms. Pruett claims to be the law and what the actual laws are regarding bicycles and riders and their rights to be on state roads. While she references RCW 46.61, she either didn't read the whole thing, or perhaps rewrote it in her mind so that it fit her driving style, which appears to involve a large bubble encompassing her space- a much larger but nevertheless mortally threatened bubble than those surrounding other human beings transiting the planet without the aid of an automobile.

Some of the winners an participants in the Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness first Salmon Derby held Saturday August 27th showing off their fish. Shown, left to right: Dan Houston, Richard McIntosh Sr., Richard McIntosh Jr., Dave Kuhns, Hawkins Ehret, Gene Kuhns Jr., Gene (Geno) Kuhns III. The first and second place winners, Richard McIntosh Sr, and Richard McIntosh Jr., donated their winnings back to the IFCH to help with their mission of assisting Islanders to find and keep housing. The IFCH will continue this derby every year and are hoping to become part of a larger, regional series of such derby’s that offer large prizes and attract participants from all over the Puget Sound. The event was organized by Gene Kuhns and Dan Houston.

We all want to feel welcome and to think of ourselves as being welcoming. But how do we do it? Welcome Vashon is putting that question front and center. "Welcome Vashon is about how to build a community that responds to the urgent desire in all of us to feel like we belong", says Bruce Anderson, organization and community development consultant for Community Activators.

A dog spotted movement along the fence line and stared for a moment then laid his head back down. He was old and stiff and cold and lost.
His red brown coat was long and rough, he had white legs and paws and a big white collar of fur, his ears flopped down at the tips.
The dog had been with the ranch for years, moving sheep from ranch to range and helping his people with all the care involved with livestock.

This is a question that has been brought up by a few new people on Vashon.
Thought I would answer it here!
Wolftown is a USDA Fed/state wildlife rehabilitation and education sanctuary.
Which mean we take in orphaned or injured wildlife and help them and then return them to the wild. As close as we can to where they came from.

Just last month the Washington State Fairies were elected Official Unofficial Honorary Mayors of Vashon by a landslide (Yes, they did run unopposed, but a landslide is a landslide). Their campaign aimed to raise funds for our financially strapped public schools. And on Wednesday September 7th our Mayors (Mayorettes, if you will) will deliver a check to the Vashon Island Public Schools Foundation.

Dear neighbor,

We are writing in hope that you will be able to help contribute to the Back-to-School Drive. We know times are tough all over, and wish we didn’t have to ask yet again for our amazingly generous neighbors to help us out. But alas, we are asking for you to once again help us in giving Vashon kids a wonderful start to their school year this year.