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The chilly winter weather doesn’t dampen the energy and enthusiasm of the Vashon Solar LLC group who are gathering interested parties to learn about solar incentives available to individuals.

State energy incentives are available through a community solar program.

Vashon Islander, Dr. Tag Gornall, is one of the world’s foremost Marine Mammal Veterinarians. He is known for his work with the heart and diving studies of Namu, the first orca in captivity. He worked with sea otters during the Exxon-Valdez oil spill and has helped design aquariums around the world. He has been consulting veterinarian for the Seattle Aquarium, Pt Defiance Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, and other national and international aquariums.

On Vashon, everybody pulls together in a tough situation. So, when three winter storms lashed the Island during the recent Snowmageddon week, people were looking for a rallying point — a place to help each other out by sharing information. They found that community rallying point in Voice of Vashon.

I would like to introduce myself: my name is Micheal Amanyire, and I conceived of the idea for TOCI about 5 years ago. TOCI ("tow-chi") stands for Twerwaheno Orphans Community Initiative, and works to address the needs of children orphaned by HIV/Aids, some who are mentally ill, and the most vulnerable of children in this area who are in need of assistance.

We arrive in Ningbo from Hangzhou where we have been visiting in-laws. We will stay at the splendid "Hua Jiao Hao Sheng" which translates as "Magnificently Talented Chinese Expatriate." The suppliers that my wife is visiting are paying for the hotel, so we will live in luxury for a couple of days. The Hua Jiao Hao Sheng. It sounds so desirable, so dreamy and so languid after our long, challenging day. It will be Xanadu.

Voice of Vashon is again hosting a film contest for islanders. Newly-named RockFlicks, the contest is in its second year. RockFlicks is a themed, short-film competition judged by age group. Filmmakers this year will explore the possibilities in the concept Insider/Outsider.

Author and mythologist Michael Meade brings his vital blend of storytelling, poetry and discussion to Vashon on Thursday, February 23rd, 7 p.m. at the Vashon United Methodist Church. In this compelling and dynamic evening, Meade explores the original idea of genius: the natural spirit, inner qualities, and unique gifts of a person. This inner spirit in each of us seeks to be known and desires to serve some greater purpose in life.

We all know we live in a very special and unique community composed of an amazingly diverse population. But have you ever been curious about the island itself…it’s geology, ecology and history. Or the culture, the social science and demographics that give insight into the past, present and future of our island and its population.

Vashon Community Care’s 13th annual Labor of Love Online Auction is now open! You can bid on hundreds of unique items and services made or performed by your Island neighbors at The auction runs for two weeks, ending at noon on Wednesday, February 15.

Drama Dock Theatre announces Auditions for Sherlock’s Veiled Secret, by K.C. Brown: at The Ober Park Performance Space (just north of the Vashon Library) on Saturday, January 21st at 6 pm. Please prepare two memorized short (1 to 2 minutes each) contrasting monologues (1 serious & 1 comic). Scripts are available at the library for in-library perusal. Performances scheduled for April 13th thru the 22nd at The Vashon High School.

Vashon Community Care’s annual Labor of Love online Auction will soon be here. This much-loved Island tradition, where Islanders bid on items or services that are made or performed by their Island neighbors, will begin at 12 noon on Wednesday, February 1 and run for two weeks, ending at 12 noon on Wednesday, February 15.

A romantic reception, silent auction, sumptuous appetizers, Live Auction, wine grab, dessert, dancing...

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) District 2 Judges evaluated student Essays from Vashon Island and Seattle Schools and awarded the winning students certificates and cash at the District 2 Youth Essay Awards meeting in Seattle on Saturday, January 7, 2012. The following students, from the noted Vashon Schools,

What’s red and yellow and fun all over? A mountain of spaghetti piled high with cheese and games for kids of all ages of course! And that’s just what’s happening this Sunday, January 8th from 5-8PM at Lewis Hall in Burton.

The Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship is hosting its first ever Family Fun Night and will be featuring mountains of homemade spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread, plus kid-friendly games, and even a Talent/No-talent show. The event is free of charge and open to all Vashon families.

Kathy at the apothecary coffee shop had a degree in psychology, specializing in brain chemistry and a second degree in herbology. She looked a little like she didn’t belong, but if you saw her and spoke to her about anything at all intelligible she would smile her toothless smile and beam and gladly answer any reasonable question you put before her. The south end of the coffee house was her domain.

The annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative service, in its 23rd year on the Island, will feature newly appointed State Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez. As always, the event will be held on Dr. King’s birthday, January 15th. This year it falls on a Sunday and will be held at the Vashon Presbyterian Church at 7:00 p.m.

Vashon’s Food Security Working Group will be hosting a series of workshops to help families learn to stock their pantries for all sorts of emergencies—from earthquakes to power outages to job layoffs. Three Food Storage for Emergencies workshops will take place every other Saturday beginning January 21, 10:00 am to Noon.

The sixth annual Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation sponsored Spelling Bee is just around the corner. "Spell It! 2012" will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2012 in the Vashon High School Theater from 3-6 PM. The money raised through this event goes towards the scholarships given to VHS seniors who complete a scholarship notebook.

With nearly 500 votes, The Little House took the top spot in the First Annual Merchant Gingerbread House Contest sponsored by the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations to Bettie Edwards and Mardi Ljubich for a job well done! Those that followed were just votes apart. The details of the houses were incredible, the imaginations so creative and even the aroma of gingerbread was a delight. It was great to see the merchants so excited and working together. 

I am broken down on Cunnliffe Road on the north end. Daryl, the postmaster is mad as hell and has somewhere to go in his red convertible Mustang. The damn mail is baking in the midday sun.

I took this job to please the in-laws. Some civil worker notion that in 25 years I could take four weeks paid holiday.

Vashon Island Community Church (VICC) Youth Group is having fundraisers throughout the year to help Persecution Project- build a well in Darfur. Persecution Project (PPF) began the 100 Wells Campaign in 2004 to rally support from compassionate individuals in America to help the refugees of Darfur, Sudan, get necessary life sustaining water.  To date PPF has raised enough funds to build 74 wells, but have 26 wells to go. VICC Youth Group wants to help them build one more well.


Shape Up now has over 100 members! At the members’ request, we are creating new fun activities.  First, we have started a walking group: SUV Roadsters. Any member can sign up and call a walk anywhere, anytime for folks to join. In a program for the community, Kari Bell, who cooks great recipes at the Thriftway demo section, is presenting “Friends with Veggies” every Wednesday. Learn new easy vegetable recipes and when possible, she will have the main ingedient on sale.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 2826 thanks the following citizens of Vashon Island for judging 115 Essays from the Chautauqua Elementary, McMurray Middle, The Harbor Schools and Boy Scout Troop 294. Norm Mathews, Karen Fuller, Henry Porter, Tim Marsh and Clay Gleb, from the Vashon Thriftway Store; Dave and Connie Parker, Jim Scott and Ed Williams from the Kiwanis Club; and Burdell Hollis, John Moore, B/Gen. Joe Ulatoski, Bart Queary and Roy Bumgarner from the VFW Post 2826 and the Vashon Community.

The Veterans of Vashon sold Poppies at the Vashon Market and Vashon Thriftway on Sunday, November 13, to obtain funds to help homeless and addictive Veterans in Distress, for volunteer programs at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals, Veterans Assisted Living and Skilled Homes,