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A book launch for the poetry book, "The Weird World Rolls On" published by Vashon publisher Endicott and Hugh Books will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18th at Vashon Community Care. The public is invited to attend the book launch and reading.

Well on Vashon that is really "Unofficial" Mayor. But while my name is up there and it looks like I am running, I am really fundraising for two causes that I have been working on for the last year. My platform is to "help make HealthCare accessible to all Vashon residents".

Buildings really bug Deborah Reilly.

"They account for 40 percent of our energy use," says Reilly, the coordinator of Caulk the Rock, WISEnergy’s third annual Energy Fair. "Forty percent."


The certification testing has come to a successful close for our Kimberly Stove. I am happy to report that Kimberly excelled in every aspect, finishing the battery of tests in half the time, and proving herself an extremely safe stove in very small spaces. With no protection on the walls we can place Kimberly within 6 inches of a combustible wall. This allows it to be installed on a 22 x 26 inch floor pad, with 3" vent parts. Our E.P.A. Emissions of 3.2 grams per hour and a top output of 40,000 btu (cord wood) makes this the most powerful and clean burning small stove that Omni Labs has ever seen, and allows for heating of homes up to 1500 square feet. 

Share a summer afternoon with a friend, stroll through the fir forests, traverse winding garden paths and get free garden tips from experts. Tickets are available at many Island businesses and at VAA all weekend.

Nudibranchs (which is pronounced nudibranks) are the most amazing, complex and beautiful creatures of the sea.

I thought that I would draw a cartoon for this article, since nudibranchs are really hard to describe…but I thought that might not be such a great idea since the Loop is printed in black and white and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in being able to render a nudibranch without using color.

Each year, Harbor School students award commendations to six of their peers, each of whom represent a particular Cornerstone Value so strongly as to be an example for all of us. The Cornerstone Values are a set of principles that provide guidance and lessons to all Harbor School students through their academic achievements and peer relationships.

What better way to spend the afternoon of the Forth of July than on the beach with family and friends? Come enjoy one of the summer’s best low tides out at Point Robinson with the Vashon Beach Naturalists who will be there to teach folks of all ages about our shoreline neighbors. Before you go out on the beach check out the Festival area which will be set up by the lighthouse this year. As you come in you will learn some important things about how to take care of the animals and habitats that surround the point.

A female hump back whale had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso and a line tugging in her mouth.

Please join us in welcoming James Marsh, the new Executive Director of the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce.

Jim brings a wealth of experience to Vashon businesses and the community. He has been a private business owner, the President of the Board of the Evanston Illinois Chamber of Commerce and was co-founder and organizer of the Evanston Grand Prix.

Fireworks season is upon us once again. The community of Vashon did a great job in the last two years keeping safe during fireworks season with no fireworks related incidents. For the last seven years Vashon’s fireworks related incident rate has been very low which is common where fireworks are thoughtfully regulated. Communities which have banned fireworks often have much higher catastrophic fire and injury rates due to the use of dangerous, illegal products.

Our Island Theater has been a community mainstay since 1947. The unique Art Deco structure with the signature murals by long gone islander, Jack Tabor, is in danger of closing. The movie industry is switching to a digital only format by the end of the year, and owner Eileen Wolcott is faced with the need to purchase a digital screening system. The system costs around $60,000. She will not be able to afford to make that investment on her own, and, if it is not made, she may have to close the theater.


Building materials salvage company Second Use will come to Vashon Island July 14 and 15 to collect home goods in a joint effort with Granny’s Attic.

Second Use will set up its truck at Granny’s Attic on Sunset Ridge from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. both days, for Vashon Island residents to drop off their unwanted materials.

Vashon high schools have always reflected the values and aspirations of the community at the time they were built, also reflecting the community’s understanding of the need for change. There have been a total of six high schools on Vashon beginning in 1903, and we are now in the process of building our seventh. 

That’s what people ask, Joan Hanna smiles. What goes on at the Barn? Joan, the tall, elegant 70-something dynamo who opened space at her family home in 1978 and then in the Barn in 1994, has created a unique community resource. In the renovated barn at her family home on Maury Island, she offers workshops, camps, concerts, and readings.

The young cowboy lays face down in the mud. If it weren’t for the high-speed twitching of his legs causing the fringe on his chaps to dance like pennants on a windy day you might think he is dead. Four paramedics and two clown-suited bullfighters race up to the trembling body to assess his chances. He is the first saddle bronc rider of the rodeo and has unfortunately drawn an inexperienced mare.

In spite of their finest efforts at remaining teenagers, the Vashon Island High School Class of ’82 is now confronted with the reality that it’s been thirty years and their childhood plans of perpetual youth have fallen through. But being a hearty lot, they’ve decided to work with what they have and hold their thirtieth anniversary reunion.

At Point Robinson on July 4 this year we’ll be celebrating both our nation’s independence and the splendors of our shoreline. From 10am to 3pm, there will be beach naturalists, booths with food and displays, lighthouse tours, a walk with Odin Lonning to learn traditional native uses of shoreline species, the landing of the Blue Heron Salish canoe, and other special activities.

Get inspired when plant expert, author and renowned speaker Daniel Hinkley shares insights into the joys and challenges of creating beautiful, low maintenance gardens in Northwest landscapes 3 p.m., Sunday, June 10 at VAA. Known for his sense of humor and deep knowledge of plants, Hinkley has written several resource books including The Explorer’s Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials, and another on shrubs and vines.

On Wednesday June 13th 9am - Noon and Saturday June 16th 10am - 3pm at Vashon Plaza (across from the Post Office) we are holding another recycling event. We are accepting for recycling all appliances, refrigerators, metal furniture, monitors & TVs, computers, all electronics, circuit boards, stereos, car batteries,

Where can you find multitudes of dollars and colorful stars lying at your feet? Dollars by the dozen will be standing in beach sand at Jensen Point on Sunday morning, June 3, from 10am to noon, when the low tide moves out to -3.2 feet.

The Vashon Beach Naturalists invite whole families to come and learn about these and other intertidal species. There will be special accommodations for elderly and less mobile people.


Vashon Senior Center, located on Bank Road, has recently hired a new director to replace Willow Eaton who took a position with the City of Tacoma as Director of one of their Senior Centers. After reviewing many resumes and holding personal interviews with the top candidates, Ava Apple was hired and started work as the Center’s Director immediately. Ava comes to the position with a human services degree, an extensive background of working with seniors, and has the passion to make the Center more relevant to the large population of seniors residing on Vashon. She has indicated a desire to work with other organizations on the island to see how a collaboration could be done to better serve the needs of seniors.

Hilary Emmer is running for this year’s Vashon Maury Island Unofficial Mayor. Her platform is, "help make healthcare accessible to all Vashon Maury residents".

This year Hilary expanded the existing Dental Van Program to include children.

When the hectic nature of modern life becomes overbearing, us Islanders are lucky enough to retreat to our private oasis here on Vashon. Let’s retreat even a little further into the Island’s past when life was deliberate, yet unhurried, and slowed down to an easygoing pace.