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Wow! We are blown away by the response to our call for stories about what makes living on Vashon so special. And we’re moved by the outpouring of desire, willingness and sincerity that Islanders share in their stories, poems and reflections. More than 150 Islanders sent in writing to be included in the project; we are so grateful and inspired by the responses!

We invite you to join supporters and friends at Vashon Island Pet Protectors’ biggest fundraising event of the year – The Fur Ball™!!  This year’s theme is The Wildest Fur Ball Ever. In true pet-lover fashion, some auction guests embrace the theme and arrive dressed for the occasion, wearing costumes and decorating tables to reflect their interpretation of the theme. Others sport their favorite Vashon attire.

  We had three dogs, one of them called Boots, because her ankles were brown and the rest of her body was mottled white and brown.  Calling her Boots seemed appropriate.  She was a springer spaniel while the other two dogs were both black Labradors, Pan and Mike.  All three were excellent hunting dogs.

I am grateful to Vashon Bookshop for hosting a book launch and reading on Thursday, Nov. 12, 6 PM for me to share Song In My Belly, my new book. This follows Through A Hollow Reed (2003) and Space Between My Bones (2010) as my latest hand-bound collection of poems.

Voice of Vashon will open a new satellite broadcast studio right in the heart of downtown Vashon in early 2016. Construction has already started and beginning today (Wednesday, October 28th), Islanders will be able to watch the progress through giant windows fronting on Vashon Highway

We were down on the beach in the bushes playing “Naked Indian”, Kit Bradley, Mike and I. “Naked Indian” is more a state of mind than playing cowboys and Indians. Dale Bates wasn’t there because we had had a falling out. Dale had been a friend; it was his sister, Lorenna we didn’t like.

The brainchild of Islander Cara Briskman, Lit Lounge was inspired by similar events in other parts of the country and by programs like the Moth Radio Hour. Cara began working with Open Space’s Maria Glanz to craft this new program for Vashon.

This year’s Bioblitz, organized by Vashon Nature Center, explored Maury Island parks and preserves for a 24-hour species marathon with scientists, naturalists, and local community members discovering as many species as possible in one full day and night.

We had thousands of crows on Vashon in the 50’s, they could lay waste to a garden and destroy it in minutes. The farmers hated the crows as they would quickly pick up freshly planted seed or pull out the fresh seedlings. Crows were pests on the island and we dealt with them, the same as raccoons trying to get into the chicken house.

Harbor School and Carpe Diem are now a fully united Kindergarten through 8th Grade independent school serving students on Vashon as well as off-island commuters.

With the beginning of fall comes a free after-school program at Vashon United Methodist Church for junior high students that will be non-religious in nature and include a variety of activities. The program will be facilitated by Ted Packard, who is an experienced wilderness school youth instructor and holds a Master of Education degree.

October, 2015 (October 13 to be exact) marks the first full year of broadcast for Voice of Vashon’s community FM radio station, KVSH 101.9.  During that year, KVSH has featured local artists in its “All Vashon All The Time” playlist.

Ellisport and KVI beach is a quite corner of Vashon that best is known for its sandy beach and quite saltwater marsh. But at one time the Chautauqua Assembly located at Ellisport was the largest resort in Central Puget Sound. Ellisport once had a sawmill, a store, a post office, a hotel, greenhouses, its own water system, the island’s first electric generating

Living in a globalized world, public fears have been heightened by frightening news reports of deadly diseases such as Mad Cow disease and E. Coli. Smallpox was responsible for up to 500 million deaths in the 20th Century, and was the first demonstration of disease eradication through vaccination on a worldwide scale.

Can we all agree that Vashon is truly a remarkable oasis? From the fresh air we breathe to the food we grow, this Island gives us all the things we need to have a fulfilled life. I call it paradise. But this paradise did not happen by accident.

September 30 is the deadline for submitting materials for our community project: Heart of Vashon: telling our story. We are gathering material for an archive of contemporary material for the Heritage Museum. We also hope for material from which to craft a script for a performance reading in January to celebrate VAA’s 50th anniversary. Michael Barker will direct.

October, 2015 (October 13 to be exact) marks the first full year of broadcast for Voice of Vashon’s community FM radio station, KVSH 101.9.  During that year, KVSH has featured local artists in its “All Vashon All The Time” playlist.

We are overjoyed to report that after being missing for a week, Tillie and Phoebe are now safe after being found deep in a ravine off monument road - with Phoebe being stuck in an old cistern.

Solar power is at the epicenter of a storm that is transforming the way we power the American economy. Once the domain of futurists and environmentally-minded fanatics, solar power is becoming mainstream thanks to changing public opinion, a federal incentive program, and, in some states–including Washington–a sales tax exemption.

There were all sorts of kids growing up on Vashon in the 50’s, most good, some bad.  There was a kindred spirit in us, as joined, to the instant recognition of an off-islander.  City people coming to Vashon seemed to have an attitude of the “city slicker” versus the “country bumpkin” that we found annoying.

A good man died Friday, August 14th.  His name was David Hodges.  Some of you knew him as Diver Dave.  Many of you may recognize his face, as your septic truck driver, or your customer, or your neighbor.

It is the responsibility of a community to provide for the safety and well-being of its citizens as shown by the fire department, police services and school system.  It is also the community’s duty to provide adequate facilities, equipment and staff to take care of the needs of the doctors, who want to practice medicine and help people get well and remain healthy.

The Vashon Sheepdog Classic (VSDC) will host its nationally sanctioned sheepdog trial for the 6th consecutive year at Misty Isle Farms September 10-13. The VSDC  has become the most well attended sheepdog trial on the West Coast. Known for its bucolic location and tough competition, spectators come to see some of the best handler and dog teams from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California compete on one of the most challenging fields around. This year’s judge, Luca Fini, comes from Italy.

Situated on beautiful Vashon Island, PASSPORT TO PAIN (or P2P) is an extraordinary cycling challenge that offers 3 levels of vertical climb -- the 80-mile Idiot ride with a climb of 10,000 vertical feet, the 50-mile Weasel ride (6,500 vertical ft.), or the 30-mile Weenie ride (3,400 vertical ft.).