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A Workshop on “Intentional Living: A Way of Life”

How do our daily choices reflect our deepest values?  This question underlies an interactive workshop “Intentional Living: A Way of Life” led by Tom Cashman, a well-known retreat leader, spiritual director, and teacher of Celtic spirituality. The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 14, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.

Tom Cashman’s insight into “intentional living” emerges from his study of early monastic communities where living a “Way of Life” led to a view of freedom as faithful commitment to a path rather than as a life without constraints.  Each of these early monastic communities thoughtfully considered which values were central to their core identity and which values were important but less central.   This thoughtful planning gave the community methods to weigh and balance their values in a spirit of freedom rather than rigidity.    

Similarly today, many of us find ourselves on a spiritual search for what is most important in our lives, trying to balance competing desires and demands. The workshop will help participants explore and articulate their own core values and understand how these values might better inform their life choices.  The workshop will include meaningful, hands-on activities to reinforce the impact of Tom’s message.   

Tom Cashman has been an influential spiritual leader in the Pacific Northwest and beyond .  He has taught Celtic Spirituality and Spiritual Formation as an adjunct professor at Seattle University and The Seattle School for Theology and Psychology.    His entry into the world of spiritual direction came after he retired from a successful career in technology, having had a life-changing encounter with Celtic spirituality on a trip to Ireland.  He lives out his own “way of life” by teaching, speaking, and leading retreats and workshops and through four pilgrimages to Ireland and the greater UK.

Intentional Living is the fourth in an annual series of workshops entitled “The Gate of Heaven Is Everywhere: The Soul’s Movement into Light and Love” made possible by the legacy of Margaret Rothschild, a parishioner at the Church of the Holy Spirit.  The first half of the title is a quotation from Thomas Merton; the subtitle reflects Margaret Rothschild’s hope that opportunities for spiritual exercises or aesthetic experiences might enrich the soul’s journey.   Earlier workshops have featured movement as spiritual practice, poetry as spiritual practice, and sanctuary as a necessary element of spiritual life.  Although sponsored by the Church of the Holy Spirit, the series invites persons from any or no faith.   

The event is free although participants are asked to register because space is limited.  Please email Betty Hawkins at