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WONTU From Intention to Fruition

Women of Now Time United.  It fit.  When I wrote down the acronym WONTU I could feel purpose, idea, journey,  looking at the word I could feel the vibration of it and I no longer had a hesitation to commitment or obligation.

The concept began to materialize.  I, like all people, have had experiences which changed my life leading me to become more empowered in my own body.  I have learned over time, experiences don’t have to be huge, mind bending or anything near that to produce a dawning or an awakening in ones knowing.

I have found so often that the sound of a dog barking or a walk at the beach is all the experience I need and something in my knowingness takes seed and like a revelation a whole new concept is renewed or opened in the new.

Women,  strong, nurturing,   resilient, willing, loving, goddesses.  It was through experience that this could take seed in all women.

Now Time… the Evolution of all Mankind at this present time in the history of man.  Now Time….Being in the Present moment, now.

United,…to come together as one Power of Women, of Sisterhood.  Accepting each others for the Divine Creatures we are.

I knew from the inception of WONTU it would be a circle of women/sisters who would cry, laugh, grow, trust unconditionally at all cost.   Sisters who would take the same journeys  and blossom not only from their openings but from the experiences of their sisters too.

Often as I sit in our WONTU circle I am taken to court in the time of Avalon and I know we have all been together through many life times.

In the beginning of my journey as facilitator and “Mother” of WONTU I realized I wanted all women to be in their becoming.  I have not received a greater pleasure in the world than that of individual awakening to their Spirit within.   This was my driving force in creating WONTU.

What is a Goddess?  My Definition:  A woman who is the best she can be with her natural born gifts.  A woman who teaches without teaching.  A woman who is an example to all that nurturing and loving, patience and humility are some of the greatest gifts women have the potential to possess.  Couple this with Creative Energies/ Intuition and behold, we have a warrioress who will change the world by virtue of her example alone.

My vision for the WONTU women would be that each month there would be a type of interaction connecting us to the Spiritual/Ethereal realm.  Perhaps a drum journey, or trip to a temple or labyrinth.   Goddess songs and singing,  a day of healing with different Light workers or making sacred masks and staffs.  Each month was/will be extraordinary and a learning experience.

In October of 2013 an amazing experience happened to me which I will try to interpret.

One of the Women of WONTU began a website partly in honor of my birthday.  When I read this lovely presentation I felt the embodiment of WONTU lift off my shoulders, go over my head and become in front of me.  I could not articulate this for some time.  At the next WONTU circle I told my story and through some interaction and different prespectives my experience finally took hold.   WONTU had been my vision, my responsibility if you will.  It was part of me.  Now through the kindness of heart and soul of another person they lifted the embodiment of WONTU into a place of its own Becoming.  It was the most extraordinary experience of Manifestation I have ever witnessed.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of that.

When WONTU came to fruition I often thought I would be helping others in their becoming.  Now 2 years later I realize I was helping myself and learning from each one of these beautiful women.

As we come together each month in the WONTU circle I am surrounded by women who trust, grow, teach, learn, love and live in their truth for themselves, each other, their families and all mankind.

WONTU is an open women’s group that meets the first Sunday of each month from 1-4pm at;
Vashon Intuitive Arts.  17331 Vashon Hwy sw.  206-463- 0025 for more info.