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What do you love about living on Vashon?

It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as a writer or how old or young you are. It doesn’t matter if you were born on Vashon or arrived last month. We’re looking for YOUR story.

What’s in YOUR heart about Vashon-Maury Island? What IS the spirit of this place? Why do you choose to live on Vashon now? What makes Vashon different from other places you have lived? We hope that all Islanders will share their responses for Heart of Vashon: telling our story.

We’re calling out now for your written or taped reflections. Not a long story; doesn’t even have to be a “story” at all. An anecdote, perhaps a couple of sentences, three paragraphs. It can be the quintessential something that happened to you recently; or just the words that speak your heart when you think about what Vashon means to you.

The success of our project depends entirely on you. Please send us your submissions! Find submission guidelines and more information at or google Heart of Vashon.

Story shapes, defines and creates community; it is an old way of bringing people together. In these changing times, community, landscape and place are fragile. What do you value most about living on this Island in the middle of Puget Sound, poised between rapidly growing urban centers?

We choose to live here -- and there are challenges. What nurtures and sustains you about living in this particular Island community at this time in history? What do you hope to pass along that others might value and continue to nurture? What matters to YOU?

We’d like to share what moves us – what connects us to the Island – to the land, to each other. Listening and telling our collective story builds our capacity to pull together. Uncovering what’s in our hearts about living here can help us navigate in ways that honor what we value. Sharing what’s at the core of our sense of place builds resilience. It’s emergency preparedness of the heart.
Gatherings to Talk and Write
Tues, Aug 4, 1-2 PM, Vashon Library with Shirley Ferris
Friday, Aug 7, 11:30-2 PM, Vashon Senior Center with Shirley Ferris