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Washington State Ferry Public Meeting

June 1st. Washington State Ferry Public Meeting, 6:30-8:30 pm at McMurray. David Moseley will speak about the Legislative Session and possibly about the current construction of the 64 car ferries.

Greg Beardsley, our Vashon Ferry Advisory Committee Chair (FAC), is bringing up an issue concerning "on time performance". Here is an excerpt from a memo he copied to David Moseley which I'm sure you will want to be discussed at the meeting:
Recently passed legislation has provisions for “on-time performance.” This is supposed to be adjusted for individual routes. The Triangle route has a constant and consistent issue with this. no matter what happens the slightest hiccup causes a delay because the traffic volume is high and the Fauntleroy Dock is being used at, or beyond, its design capacity. One ambulance run has the same effect as a car with the keys locked in or unable to start. The boats will be off schedule.

Last year Kingston-Edmonds faced a similar problem. WSF’s solution was to drop to runs during the day and spread the departure schedule to allow the boats to be on time more often. During the public meeting in December I started the meeting with a straw vote of those present. Did the people there want to have the boats more on time and loose three runs per day or continue as is with the boats sometimes being off schedule. The vote was unanimous that we stay with the schedule we have.