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Wagons of Steel Goes to Divisionals

After lots of work installing the motor in the wagon and managing all kinds of logistics we made it to the NW Nationals at Pacific Raceways in Kent. Since we are local we were able to get in line really early and therefore score a fantastic pit area, close to the starting line and right on the the path to the grandstands. Both of our cars were looking great for the crowds of people walking by and we had a big crew of friends sporting Wagons of Steel Racing shirts. We had a great time. Unfortunately, both cars went down in the first round but that’s drag racing. At least we got them both home in one piece to race another day. Our next event will be the Divisional Event at the same track on August 18-21. It’s cheaper and more low key than the National Event but there’s still plenty of cool stuff to see. Please come on out and enjoy a day or two of racing with us! For details