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Voice of Vashon works to Keep Islands Safe in Winter

It may not feel like it, but winter will soon be upon Vashon-Maury Islands.  The October windstorm was just a rehearsal for tougher weather ahead.  And, that means power outages, ferry disruptions, road closures and more. For years, Islanders have counted on VoV’s 1650AM Emergency Alert Service to provide information on weather events and their impact on daily life. In fact, VoV’s Emergency Alert Team members post over 150 safety and comfort alerts every year – a majority of them during the winter months.

When bad weather hits, VoV is on the air with forecasts, safety tips and power repair status reports around the clock. And, when ‘the big one’ hits – earthquake or storm – VoV is the Islands’ lifeline to critical information. 1650AM Alert Team members participated in the regional Cascadia Rising Earthquake drill this June and helped Vashon earn high marks for community preparedness.  This community MUST be well prepared – the islands could be isolated for weeks after a major disaster.  And, Voice of Vashon will be there to ensure all islanders have the critical information needed for health, safety and even survival.

VoV needs basic funding each year to keep the alerts going, so now through December, every islander can help to make sure 1650AM Alerts go on via AM and FM radio, Facebook, email and online.  If every islander participates in VoV’s Old Man Winter campaign with a $10 or $20 donation, the VoV structure that supports 1650AM Alerts will continue.
Participants can donate at VoV’s Old Man Winter web page and, at the same time, get VoV’s free KVSH and 1650AM mobile app to carry Voice of Vashon everywhere.