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Vashon Vintage makes everything old new again. Again.

Islander Mathilda Oldham, owner and proprietor of the original Vashon Vintage, still located in a repurposed old garage behind what used to be Old Dreams which then became the Vashon Wine Shop and is now Urban Cottage, has opened a new satellite retail outlet in the main downtown Vashon commercial corridor immediately next to Robinsons Furniture, and which will formally be called Vashon Vintage Uptown. Vashon Vintage Uptown officially opened its doors on June 3, Vashon Island's traditional "first Friday".

The original Vashon Vintage, which opened its doors nearly 3 years ago, while doing very well and which will remain open, is perhaps not the most ideal location for a retail outlet. Ms. Oldham decided she needed "...more of a retail space, less of a garage, something in the main retail corridor. A cheerful little store that would be attractive for downtown Vashon."

Philosophically, the new store will operate on a "small and beautiful, European style" philosophy featuring reasonable prices and high turnover/variety. While the primary stock will continue to be refurbished and revitalized furniture, the store will also contain a variety of items which "go along" with the primary stock. Chandeliers, mirrors, vases, lamps, lights, accent pieces, and other decorative vignettes will all be available.

Additionally, the store will feature a monthly artist, which this month is well-known Island photographer Peter Serko.

Ms. Oldham intends for the new Vashon Vintage Uptown retail space to be both a showplace for her furniture pieces and a gallery. Interestingly, local Island realtor JR Crawford, whose Papillon dog "Xerox" can be seen in the photograph accenting one of the pieces on offer, will have a personal office mixed in with the other decorative items. This "multi-use" approach is something Ms. Oldham says is consistent with the European style approach were small, attractive, varied and accessible makes for a unique and pleasurable shopping experience. If it should happen that you're not in the market for a new home, Ms. Crawford will be more than happy to sell you a piece from the stock to enhance your existing home.

Ms. Oldham first became involved in reconditioning/refurbishing furniture as a hobby for herself and friends. Finding that she had an exceptional talent at it, and with the encouragement of friends and after conducting research that indicated the island definitely had a need for high quality but inexpensive furniture and related items, Mathilda decided to make a business go of it and hasn't looked back.

The original Vashon Vintage location will remain open as usual, and Vashon Vintage Uptown will be open 11 to 5, Tuesday through Sunday (unless otherwise posted) for summer hours. Winter hours have yet to be determined. Be sure and stop by for, as Mathilda would say, a "style infusion or just visit".