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Vashon Park District website expires

Vashon Park District struggling with financial and management issues has forgotten to renew the domain name used to access the Vashon Park Districts website. When contacted a person who answered the phone at the park district office said that the district is aware the website is down and is in the process of paying the necessary fees to restore the website. The website was expected to become available again late Tuesday afternoon or evening.
Domain names used to access websites, are registered for a specific period of time, from one year to up to ten years. The park district domain expired on February 15, 2013. The website most likely went down shortly thereafter. Due to the extended holiday weekend it was not noticed till Tuesday that the website was down. Once expired the Park District has 15 days to renew the domain at its normal registration fee. After 15 days the domain is still recoverable but the fee to recover the domain increases.
Records for the domain indicated that emails sent about the need to re register the domain may have gone to employees that are no longer with the Park District.