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Vashon Island Elects an Unofficial Mayor

Have you dreamt about a career in politics? Here is your chance to become the Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island AND support your favorite non-profit organization at the same time!

Politians could take a lesson from this one…candidates announce they are running, following very few rules and then proceed to collect as much money as possible (every dollar is one vote). People can vote as often as they like. You can be from any part of the world and vote in this race. Some have been known to vote 5000 times. This Unofficial Mayor has no budget crisis to worry about - there is no budget! Once elected, the fun starts…all year, the Mayor can do whatever he or she pleases!

All money goes to benefit non-profits on the Island. Money is collected and sent to the Chamber of Commerce for counting and verifying. Notable candidates of the past are:

a dog that raised $6,000, a senior citizen wearing a bikini t-shirt to promote the Senior Center, a very close friend of Santa’s, and some of the "Fanciest Ladies" you’ll ever see. The Mayor’s race has been known to raise up to $15,000 to benefit Island causes.

The winner is announced at 10 pm Saturday night in the Strawberry Festival Beer Garden. The new Unofficial Mayor’s first, ok only, duty is to ride in the Sunday parade. As many as 30,000 people attend this wonderful, homegrown 100-year old Festival.

(Just a word of caution, the Unofficial Mayor has as much power as they have budget for this position!)

To declare you are running-

Candidates declare their intention to run for Mayor first to the Chamber office for acceptance and then to all news media.

1. The non-profit organization the candidate is running for must be a 501c 3, and the letter from the IRS must be submitted to the Chamber office in advance of declaring.

2. Each candidate may put out up to 12 collection boxes.

3. The list of each candidate’s collection box locations must be given to the Chamber office as soon as they are distributed.

4. Each candidate is responsible for getting and distributing their own collection boxes. The Chamber will collect the money.

5. No candidate may enter into a side agreement with a business to sell an item benefiting the candidate.

6. All checks are to be mailed to the Chamber’s post office box. Checks can be made out to XXXX for Mayor, or the Chamber.

7. No information about how the race is going or what money is collected will be shared until the end of voting at 10 pm on the Saturday night of Festival. The winning announcement will be made in the Beer Garden at 10 pm on the Saturday night of Festival. No candidate at any time will be given information about another candidate’s totals or standing.Contact the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce for more information at 206-463-6217