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Vashon Film Society presents “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”

"Cave of Forgotten Dreams," a film from celebrated director Werner Herzog, uses 3D film technology to stunning effect to grant audiences unprecedented access to Chauvet Cave, a pristine French cavern discovered by archaeologists in 1994. Now Vashon audiences will have a chance to see the ancient cave paintings captured in all their contoured glory, thanks to the iconic film maker and the new 3D capabilities at the Vashon Theatre.
Vashon Film Society presents "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" in 3D as part of the First Friday Art Film Series. The one-time only showing will occur on Friday, December 7 at 7:30 pm at the Vashon Theatre. The art film series curates single screenings of acclaimed films that might have a hard time drawing audiences for a full week run. Admission is $7.
For more than 20,000 years, Chauvet Cave was completely sealed off by a fallen rock face. When the archaeological team first entered the cave, they found a crystal-encrusted space as big as a football field, littered with the petrified remains of giant ice age mammals. And on the walls were hundreds of spectacular paintings, artwork dating back more than 30,000 years (twice as old as any previous finds) to a time when cave bears, mammoths, ice age lions and Neanderthals still roamed Europe.
Since the discovery, only a few people have been allowed access into Chauvet Cave, and the true scope of its contents had largely gone unfelt—until film maker Werner Herzog managed to gain access. Filming in 3D, Herzog captures the beauty and wonder of one of the most awe-inspiring sites on earth.
Says Film Society president Leslie McMichael, "With the film studio asking $500 for the screening, we’ll need a good turnout just to pay for showing this film. VFS’ mission is not to make money, but we definitely hope islanders will turn out in droves for this single screening visionary look at the birth of art. You’ll see able to see the new James Bond film for weeks on end, but ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ is once only!"