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Unforgettable Fire Announces the Katydid™ Wood Stove

Using what they learned from their successful Kimberly™ wood stove project, inventor Roger Lehet and his team at Unforgettable Fire, LLC announce the pending release of their much anticipated second wood stove, the Katydid™.
Although their Katydid™ wood stove was designed to heat mainstream homes, it will also facilitate the use of off-grid energy optional accessories (coming soon!) including two thermo-electric generators to choose from, either of which can be embedded in the back of the Katydid™ through the service panel on the back. To assist with circulating even more heat from either stove, a 12-volt convection fan system is in prototype, along with an oven attachment, and a hot water coil system for in-floor heating. Katydid™ is expected to deliver well over 85,000 BTU/hour and heat up to 3000 square feet of well-insulated living space.
Robotic manufacturing is perhaps the biggest advancement for the company, which will allow for a lower retail cost on Katydid™ over their original wood stove model, Kimberly™. Lehet expects to bring Katydid™ to market at $2800.00. He also expects that Katydid™ will be certified use a similar lower cost venting system as his Kimberly™ stove, thereby saving families hundreds of additional dollars in installation costs over other wood stoves. The company expects to ship the first of these units to Alaska by early September, and Lehet expects that by the end of 2013, the Katydid™ wood stove will be EPA certified and UL-Listed.
In addition, the team at Unforgettable Fire, LLC is very excited by the upcoming Alliance for Green Heat Wood Stove Decathlon to be held in Washington, D.C. this November. They have been asked to take part in guiding tours through the testing facility and greeting members of Congress and other dignitaries, who will be among the first to see this renewable and clean energy technology. The team sees this as a huge opportunity to help national policy makers understand the potential for long-term independence from fossil fuels, as well as provide short-term energy security during times of trouble.
Recent weather-related emergencies gives one plenty of reason to think about emergency preparedness, and these stoves are designed with that in mind. From the small amount of fuel required to the greatly reduced emissions and the ability to create all the energy one needs to be comfortable in the worst of conditions….it’s unforgettable.
Be sure to follow Unforgettable Fire, LLC on Facebook for announcements of product availability, or visit the company website at:, where you can also find a link to vote for Kimberly™ in the People’s Choice Award contest, sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine.