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The Truth Be Told

Truth is such a rare thing; it is delightful to tell it. ~~Emily Dickinson

July 4, 2011, Perugia, Italy. Curt Knox and Edda Mellas were informed that their Slander trial would begin January 2012. Charges stem from a 2009 interview with a British paper in which Curt and Edda repeated Amanda’s charge that a female officer struck her twice during the illegal interrogation. All three West Seattleites, with Vashon ties, are being sued for slander by five Perugian police officers.

Amanda and her friend Raffaele Sollecito were unjustly accused of murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007 and found guilty by a prejudiced court of the slaying in 2009. Two key pieces of DNA evidence tying the kids to the murder are being roundly criticized and Judge Hellmann will rule on the report by independent experts on July 25th. Our highest hope is exoneration, but freedom will do.

Amanda and Raffaele are also suing the Lifetime Network for ‘character assassination.’ Italian law forbade the release of "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy" before the appeal was finished. Lifetime did not appear for the July 4 hearing.

On July 8, the night before Amanda’s 24th birthday, Seattle Preparatory School alumni hosted a benefit at the Showbox in Sodo for Over $15,000 was raised during the auction which featured Vashon’s own Andrew Will, who donated a magnum of Merlot in a specially engraved bottle, the winner plans to open it with Amanda. Another very special item was a one of a kind Elizabeth Taylor photograph taken by Art Shay, a veteran photojournalist for Life, Time and Sports illustrated who photographed seven US Presidents and many major figures of the twentieth century. His son, Steve Shay, who has covered Amanda’s case exclusively for the West Seattle Herald, donated the picture.

Headliners Brian DiJulio and the Love Jacks were joined on stage by Tony Montana of Great White. Yep, they rocked the house and it was awesome! Zero Gravity Circus and The G Program preformed first and all three groups included Seattle Prep alumni. Amanda sent us a message and we sang happy birthday while enjoying delicious Borracchini’s cake. We hope she felt the love and her entire community is hoping to share cake with her next year; she’s gonna eat a lot of Borracchini’s when she gets home.

     Everyone misses Amanda and we know Raff’s family misses him. We grieve deeply for Meredith’s family, always thinking of their ordeal, but the case against Amanda and Raffaele is based on what we all consider to be a pack of lies and we wonder how that equates to justice for Meredith?

In the trial of first instance the defense was repeatedly denied access to key evidence, but in the appeal Judge Hellmann compelled the DNA information released and the independent experts are reportedly astonished that the evidence made it into court. The collection and processing broke a number of protocols as the defense has always maintained. The defense is still denied access to the laptop hard drives that were supposedly destroyed.

Alibi Lost in Translation

During Amanda’s illegal interrogation she struggled to make sense of the questions she was being asked since she did not have a firm grasp of the language. Her attempt to clarify her answers is what the Perugians refer to as her ‘constantly changing stories" which they then used as evidence of lying instead of a rudimentary grasp of Italian.

Stolen Voice

PM Mignini sought a year of solitary confinement for both Amanda and Raffaele in an effort to ‘break’ them, thankfully their parents and lawyers were able to move them into the general population after a few weeks. While separated from her family and before she had access to a lawyer the Perugians encouraged Amanda to write her thoughts down. They seized the papers that included a diary and a classroom assignment, then cherry-picked phrases that were leaked to the press specifically to damage her credibility.

The Perugians and their Constantly Changing Stories

Public Minister Giuliano Mignini, Chief of Homicide Monica Napoleoni, Head of the Roman Scientific Police Edgardo Giobbi and their subordinates have been trying to turn angels into devils since November 2, 2007. The lies began the moment that the Postal Police arrived and continue until today. We began with the Public Minister and police calling Amanda an "insane, murderous, slutty, drug-addled Satanist."

The last was a couple of weeks ago when The Sun, a British tabloid, mistranslated Amanda’s June 26 testimony and quoted her as saying she was ‘getting drunk’ with Rudy Guede the night of the murder. Amanda actually said, "we were not together that night." The video is incorrect while the article on the same link is closer to the professional translation. Despite numerous requests from the Italian-speaking public, video has yet to be corrected.


The first Big WTH? There is no evidence of Satanism in her family, friends, soccer club, highschool, university or even in Seattle. I mean really, if your red flag is not up right now, then we ARE in trouble. I demand to see evidence that the Order of the Red Rose secretly recruiting on the Husky campus.,2933,440482,00.html

Amanda is an insane, drug-addled slut

Currently the prosecution’s crazy-ass murder scenario has changed six times. Amanda has gone from being strung out on nuclear-powered pot, straddling Meredith, butcher knife in hand, drooling and yelling, "You prissy girl!" In the most recent, when asked how she could commit murder and not leave one molecule of DNA at the murder scene, Mignini said that "maybe she’s in another room," strung out on nuclear-powered pot, yelling orders to her lapdogs Raffaele and Rudy. PM Mignini and his team set out to prove that Amanda is an insane, slutty American coed. They are still trying to prove it to Seattle.

In 2008, the foreign media came to Seattle to find dirt on Amanda and they brought blood money, we are still snickering that they left with their wallets intact. The foreign media found a nice girl who was well known for her kindness and sense of humor, then they went home and focused only on the prosecution’s version of events because a Nice Girl is boring, unlike a crazy slut.

Amanda acted ‘quirky’ and ‘odd.’

Chief of Homicide Napoleoni is the source of the cartwheel story. She observed a male officer asking Amanda to demonstrate the splits, not a cartwheel, and did not admonish him for unprofessional conduct. Then, later that day, she was intimately involved in Amanda’s interrogation.

The police reported that Meredith’s British girlfriends said Amanda was acting strangely, that Amanda and Raffaele were kissing at the police station, that she refused a hug, that she didn’t cry.,,20324839,00.html

Head of the Scientific Police Giobbi decided that Amanda was a murderer because he saw her eating pizza. He said that she swiveled her hips, adding to the sexual undertones by police toward Amanda. He saw her cry uncontrollably at the crime scene and he found all of this suspicious. Giobbi stated to the press that he did not need to see any forensics to ‘know’ that she was guilty of murder.

Amanda was crying uncontrollably when Merdith’s body was found, that is why she looks so ragged in the ‘infamous kiss’ video. She was in shock. When taken in context, her behavior proves is that she acted like an American kid who was suffering through a tragedy. Perhaps she didn’t act European, but that does not prove that she is a murderer.

Patrick Lumumba

Amanda worked for Patrick at his club, a job found she shortly after arriving in Perugia and her text message to him saying "See you later" was twisted to mean "let’s commit murder tonight" instead of "I’ll see you tomorrow." Patrick spent two weeks in prison, even with an airtight alibi, until police caught Rudy Guede. He was released and is suing Amanda for implicating him the murder. Patrick is going with the flow.

The Staged Break-in

Rudy Guede knew that the boys downstairs were gone for the weekend when he threw the rock through Filomena’s bedroom window, he waited to see if someone would come and when no one did, he climbed in. Police know that a rock serves these two purposes in burglaries, yet, it was they who decided that the rock was thrown from the inside and then played down that Filomena, checking for stolen items, tampered with the room before the Scientific Police arrived on scene.

Mixed DNA not Mixed Blood

Amanda and Meredith lived together so their DNA would be mixed in their apartment, as would their roommates and guests. The police cross-contaminated the entire crime scene as they were unable to change booties and rarely changed gloves. They claimed that Amanda’s DNA was found in Meredith’s blood in several samples, but did not check for her roommates DNA in any sample. They claimed that Amanda’s blood was found in her bathroom, mixed with Meredith’s blood, but that sample was proven to be cellular DNA.

DNA Collection and Processing

The experts appointed by Judge Hellmann in the independent review were astonished that the Bra Clasp and Knife ever made it into the courtroom as neither item were collected or processed under international protocols. What does that say for the rest of the evidence collected?

The Clean Up

Amanda and Raffaele were accused of buying bleach and cleaning up the crime scene. No bleach receipts were found, as the Italians reported, and it was never proven exactly how they could clean up only their DNA while leaving Rudy’s. The truth is, they could not have done it, no one can.


The HIV Test

After Amanda was arrested a prison official, costumed as a physician, tricked her into giving up personal information regarding sexual partners by telling her she was HIV, a callous and blatant lie, causing her emotional harm.

The Massei Motivation

This important proclamation is riddled with inaccuracies and contradictions, it looks as if it was written by a staffer who did not bother to fact-check and it is shocking that any judge would sign it, yet that is exactly what Judge Massei did.

The Mighty and Much Feared Knox PR Machine

Curt and Edda hired a PR firm, Gogerty Marriott, to act as a buffer from the press, then they were accused of trying to influence public opinion; Europeans in particular were suspicious of this need, unaware of the shear number of media outlets in the US. There is also a faction of unpaid supporters, like myself, who have been added to the Gogerty Marriott’s payroll (Show me da money! LOL) by the Haters in the blogosphere and together we have become the PR Machine. In reality there is just Gogerty Marriott, used as needed, and the Knox family has no influence on what the rest of us say. They don’t need to; we can see the truth for ourselves.

The real Amanda Knox is a Seattle girl who made friends easily and is well known for her compassion. She is funny, laughs often, and has a dedicated group of friends helping her family. Amanda is a serious student who belongs to the National Honor Society and the Dean’s list at the University of Washington. And the real Amanda spoke fondly of her new friends Meredith, the beautiful English girl, and Raffaele, the cute Italian guy who looked like Harry Potter.

In essence, the vast majority of what you read and heard about Amanda and Raffaele is false and was reported to the English-speaking world by the British media, who are now under scrutiny for hacking the phones of murder victims and celebrities.

By contrast The Vashon Loop and West Seattle Herald have both shown extraordinary support to the Knox and Mellas families during this ordeal and are to be commended for coming to the defense of community members. Both editors deserve praise for their support of truth, as does reporter Steve Shay for his informative articles, your help is deeply appreciated. The Seattle media have worked together to bring the mistakes to the attention of the public and are doing an admirable job.

Keep our friends in your prayers as we wait for the July 25th ruling on the DNA evidence and the court’s final ruling on guilt or innocence in the fall.

The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold. ~~Aristotle