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Tree Knocks Out Power To Vashon Town At Start Of Strawberry Festival

A tree falls across Vashon Highway at Vashon Village knocking out power

The Vashon Island Strawberry Festival literally started off with a bang at the Beer Garden Friday at 6pm. A long standing grove of trees next to Vashon Village lost a sectrion of its trunk and branches when it fell west towards Vashon Highway, falling across the power lines knocking out power to the town of Vashon.

No damage was done to the power poles or power line. Puget sound Energy was quick to respond and start removing the tree branches as seen in the photo. Power was restored by 8pm.

No one in the beer garden was hurt when the tree fell at about 6pm. But all were treated to as spectacular spark show as the tree fell across and shorted out the power line.

The carnival rides were not affected since they use a generator to provide power to the rides.