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Taal Maya & The Mystery Orchestra

During the first week of October, world-class musicians from many genres will come together in an ambitious project…to record and perform a full night of music…in a week.  Brought together by local composer and fretless bassist, Jason Everett who has been named an “Artist in Residence” by the prestigious non-profit Jack Straw Productions, the project will capture high-quality audio and video performances of his compositions which are inspired by his love for classical, jazz and Indian Fusion music.

“I love instrumental music, and started as a classical musician at eight.  I was playing jazz clubs professionally at sixteen, and feel in love with Indian music at eighteen.  This project is an exciting culmination of that history and my love for those musical styles,” explained Everett.    

The recording will occur at Jack Straw located in the University District over two days and will follow the educational clinic presented by the internationally acclaimed Indian percussion master, V. Selvaganesh who will also perform with Everett.  Selvaganesh—who performs with Shakti with John McLaughlin, and Zakir Hussein and Masters of Percussion—plays a traditional Indian hand drum called a kanjira and a unique modern drum kit that he plays with his fingers.

Another well-known musician in the project who plays an unusual instrument is Trey Gunn who might be best known for his work with King Crimson.  “I am really excited to play with Trey…we are both bassists with extended range instruments who play melodically; so we will be able to trade off roles as lead and rhythm players,” explained Everett. “Trey will be really exciting to watch as he is performing on his Warr Guitar which is a 12-string instrument that he plays almost like a piano.”

More-strings-than-usual might be a theme for this group, as lead violinist, Radhika Iyer from San Fransisco will be playing her seven-string electric violin and Everett himself is known for his unique seven-string fretless bass.

Other local musicians rounding out the sound will include tabla player, Anil Prasad, and classical musicians, Rachel Nesvig on violin, Aleida Gehrels on viola, and Phil Hirschi on cello.

The performance will be on Friday October 6th and the Vashon High School Theater.

For tickets

Taal Maya & The Mystery Orchestra
Friday, October 6th, 7:30-9:00pm The Vashon High School Theater
$10 Students
$20 Advance tickets
$25 At the door