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Swamp Bottom Cabaret

From deep in the swamps of Vashon, where dreams are born and come to rest, comes an evening of inspired performance featuring some of our Island’s most imaginative entertainers. On October 3, Steffon and Arlette Moody present Swamp Bottom Cabaret—a spin-off of their roving outdoor Swamp Bottom Jamborees, adapted for the Blue Heron stage—featuring local musical groups The S Curves and The Nilbillies.

The S Curves
The S Curves came together three summers ago at the first annual Swamp Bottom Jamboree. Their debut performance included cocktail dresses under hip waders in the middle of a pond by candlelight, accompanied by the boisterous bass of a croaking bullfrog.  Last summer they revisited that pond in a rowboat dressed in nightgowns. Unexpectedly, the bullfrog also made a repeat appearance. This evening they come to you a little more dressed up and with some added surprises… but without the frog. The three Vashon women—Arlette Moody, Elaine Ott, and Stephanie Murray—are sure to send you away swaying!

The Nilbillies
The Nilbillies are an existential bluegrass trio that doesn’t play that much bluegrass. Lead billy and songwriter Steffon Moody offers his twist on the American dream, serving up both fire and brimstone. The Nilbillies trio is rounded out with the burly tones of Kevin Almeida on stand-up bass and funky country picking from Andre Sapp on mandolin. Expect to hear original songs that sound oddly familiar, but are mostly just odd. Top YouTube videos for The Nilbillies include “Only God Knows,” Space Monkeys,” and “Lesbian Man.”
Swamp Bottom Cabaret
Saturday, October 3, 7:30 pm. Vashon Allied Arts
$16 Member/Student, $18 Senior, $20 Genera