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Sunshine AND IDEAS Opens at Parker Plazza

A new gallery of endless possibilities….has opened its doors at Parker Plaza

17232 Vashon HWY S.W. Between Ober Park and Town. Heidi Stair recently moved into the cozy store front space now gallery. Through the summer, the gallery will be showing Woodworkers of Vashon.

Featuring: Awesome driftwood furniture carefully crafted from authentic Vashon Island driftwood by real pirate, Jim Chabot, of Neptune Furniture. Beautifully hand turned wooden bowls by David Earle.

Lovingly hand carved unique wood spoons by John Moore.

Cedar boxes with pyrographic artwork by Heidi Stair for all your little treasures.

Many more Island Artist are featured in the Gallery. All are welcome to stop by during the First Friday Art Walk, June 3, from 6pm to 9pm.