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Spring on Vashon

Now is the time of year that mother wild animals are having their young and raising them. Often wild mothers leave their young alone for stretches of time. So don’t panic if you see a baby fawn or seal pup alone. You can call me any time for advice. But most often I will ask you these questions.

Is the baby crying?
Is it thin?
Is it wounded or in a high traffic area.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we will come out and check up on it. But also realize if you stay around a healthy baby its mom will hide! This often causes problems.

Baby birds are learning to fly. These ‘branchers’ are not abandoned and mom is watching and still feeding them. Watch a a safe distance. Same questions apply to baby birds.

We will often ask you to bring a small animal to us to cut down on our huge fuel bill.

Please don’t try to rehab wildlife yourself. It is againest the law and you run the risk of spreading disease and imprinting wildlife.

Right now we have a young elephant seal molting on our beaches. It looks bad but is perfectly normal. Please stay 100 yards away from any marine mammal.

Did you know that Wolftown is run by private donation? And the staff are unpaid volunteers? Did you know we are the main rehab for Kind county?

Please donate! We need to buy feed, medical supplies, building materials, bedding, keep our rent and insurance up so we can give tours. Without you we won’t be here!

Did you know our main job is education? And we do alot of it! Look for Wolftown at Mother Earth Fair in Puyallup.

Thanks Vashon