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A Soldier Boy Hears the Distant Guns- Christopher Gaynor: a Vietnam Experience

From 1967 to 1968, Chris Gaynor was a soldier “in country” in the Vietnam war. While there, he took pictures and wrote letters home. Through some of these photos and through letters he both wrote and received from home, he tells of his experiences during the war, and ties those experiences to the group known as the Vashon 12, the twelve Vashon sons who were lost to the Vietnam war.

For three years, filmmaker Peter Ray followed and recorded both Chris’s readings of these letters, as well as the activities he participated in with the Island VFW and his duties relating to remembrances of those who served in the US military.

This 71 minute documentary tells the story of Chris Gaynor’s direct experience of the war, while it also shines a light on Vashon’s personal connection and contribution to that war. Both Peter Ray and Chris Gaynor will be in attendance at this world premiere screening of this film.
19 Sept. 2017, 6pm
Greentech night- Vashon Theatre Admission is free or by donation.