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Share The Stage Event

SHARING THE STAGE is a dynamic music series on Vashon Island. Top name headliners play the island in professional venues…and high school band are the opening act!

Tangerine, a Seattle-based alternative pop band, is coming to Vashon Island January 10, 2014 for the seventh show in the Sharing the Stage concert series. Student musicians from Vashon Island High School will open for the group bringing Vashon Island’s residents together to focus on teens and young-adults and their musical interests.

The opening high school musicians will be Monday Night Jazz Band, Isaiah Graham Hazzard, Kate Atwell & Mallory Breen, Two Dime Icebox, and 10 Cent Time Machine.

Rob Bordner and Fred Strong, parents of  VHS alumni, formed Sharing the Stage with teacher Harris Levinson in 2009, and they produced their first show at the Red Bicycle in April 2010. The three partners wanted to provide a way for students to express themselves musically, creatively and freely. They also wanted to foster meaningful mentorships; student acts have received help from love local musicians Ian Moore, Van Crozier, Jacob Bain, and Dominic Wolczko. This year, Richard Montague and his marketing class at VHS have provided talent, energy, and impressive skills to publicize the show.

Marika, Tangerine’s lead singer and co-founder, shared that she and her band members, “wished that their high school would’ve had a [Sharing the Stage]”series. She said she feels this is “a cool opportunity for kids” with an interest in the arts to come together and share the stage with their band. Marika’s sister Miro, Tangerine’s drummer, added that Sharing the Stage “provides an alternative to musicals” in schools.

Headlining acts loved the idea of student opening acts, too. Sharing the Stage has previously hosted rock, hip hop, and jazz shows, with Visqueen, Macklemore, & Ryan Lewis, Thomas Marriott, Blue Scholars, The Wellingtons, Kublakai, and The Physics. In fact, Macklemore actually came out from back stage to enjoy the student opening acts when he performed on the island three years ago.

Tangerine’s most recent music video “Feel This Way,” features Malika, Miro, Toby (rhythm/lead), and Ryan (bass). The group invited about 40 of their friends to a location in North Seattle for the video production of “Feel this Way.”
Influenced by the music they listen to “from hip hop to world music,” the band members were all drawn to music from a very young age. Tangerine provides feel-good tunes that they described as “heart music, not head music: listen to it, enjoy it, don’t worry about it.”

Sharing the Stage presents Tangerine on Jan. 10, 2014 at the Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi at 7:00PM. Students will pay $5 with ASB and $10 without for a groovy experience. Tickets will be at

Our SHARING THE STAGE series is for both youth and adults, and pairs professional musicians with student and youth openers from Vashon Island. Our list of shows:
–2010, Visqueen, rock show
–2011, Macklemore& Ryan Lewis, hip hop
–2011, Thomas Marriott, jazz
–2012, The Blue Scholars, hip hop
–2012, Zac Anthony & Kate Goldby ,The Wellingtons, rock

Vashon Productions, LLC, is NOT making a profit on these shows. Our budgets count on sponsorship tickets due to substantial costs for venue rental, insurance, and supplemental sound equipment. Your sponsorship support (at any level) is always greatly appreciated, and sponsors will be acknowledged on a poster at our shows.

Our shows welcome all ages. Strict enforcement of our NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL policy ensures a safe environment for everyone. Security is provided by off-duty King County Sherrif’s Department officers and off-duty Vashon Firefighters. Refreshments will be available for sale.

For more info, contact:
 - Rob Bordner: TWO ZERO SIX /669-5160
 - Fred Strong:
 - Harris Levinson: