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Sex Matters for Women

Are you comfortable with your sexual self?

Do you feel at ease as you stand naked in front of a mirror? Are you truly relaxed during lovemaking, without distraction, worry or guilt? Do you feel completely free to express your sexuality?

Discomfort, uncertainty, or confusion about any facet of your sexuality can have negative consequences for all of your life, in all parts of your life.

Join us in a six week exploration that will help you:

  • Challenge the negative thinking that feeds feelings of shame, awkwardness and inadequacy.
  • Get accurate information about sexual functioning and sexual health, from puberty through the senior years.
  • Explore feelings of intimidation and the tendency to hold back in sexual situations in order to experiment with new, more fulfilling behaviors.
  • Discover what is joyful, fulfilling and inspiring to you as a sexual being and how to enhance your sexual growth.

The workshop, presented by Vashon Youth and Family Services, will be on Wednesdays, starting on October 5, from 7 – 8:30 pm. It will be facilitated by Jessa Zimmerman, M.A., a therapist specializing in work with couples and sexual issues. Enrollment is limited to 12 female bodied participants, and the cost is $60 for the 6 week series. Pre-registration is required.

For more information or to register: please call Jessa at Vashon Youth & Family Services at 463-5511.