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Senior Center High.... not a School for the Naive

If our turbulent culture is beginning to seed discontent even with Vashon’s smilings, look upon the Senior Center as a community antidote. At the Senior Center you will find senior citizens helping each other with a fellowship seasoned by ample amounts of coping skills. The fellowship shared by folks talking over coffee, partaking in the four-day per week lunch program, and the many activities and presentations, fill the need for community in many seniors. For isolated elders, the chance at group activities is an important ingredient to improved social health and outlook.  A happy senior, or at least one who knows where it is safe to vent some heart-felt grumpiness, is more likely to be healthy and exuberant. Social involvement is the catalyst that creates enhanced self-worth. Contented cows may yield more milk, but contented senior citizens yield a multitude of smiles and can ward off depression. Such a senior will also be less condemning of the young as well as less frustrated with new things such as alternative facts.        
Programs at the Senior Center involve the mind and heart, and include topical discussions, card games and mah-jongg, watching a movie with friends now and then, a weekly yoga session, a most chirpy knitting circle, and always working on the well-worn gift of gab with trusted friends. All of this works wonders in widening the scope of the squirrel cage between senior ears. 
The Senior Center is also a magnate for volunteerism that knows no age limit. The island Meals on Wheels meets and works out of the Center. This program is instrumental in meeting the nutritional needs of our housebound islanders while tackling the task of accounting for the supplies involved. Other volunteers help with the lunch program and various presentations. This brings the satisfaction of helping, sharing and making a difference, the very basis of community. Try it out;-you’ll like it. The weaving of a well-turned conversation with the cogent and witty staff or engaging with other seniors is worth the effort.