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Run for Unofficial Mayor

Be one of the few, the proud the wonderfully awesome and run to be Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island. Even if you don’t win you win because the Unofficial Mayor Race has been known to raise up to $15,000 for Island non-profits.

•Pick your Platform i.e. select the Island Charity you will fundraise for.
•Get an Endorsement: Submit a letter from the Charity with permission for you to fundraise for them.
•Declare your Candidacy to the Chamber of Commerce, the newspaper and anyone else who will listen.
•Campaign by putting up to 12 “ballot boxes” throughout locations on the Island (ballot boxes = collection boxes since money equals votes in this contest).
•Get out the Vote: 1 Vote = 1 Dollar, your supporters can vote as many times as they want.
•WIN! The candidate with the most money raised for their charity wins (But everyone one wins when people support local charities).

Money is collected and counted by the Chamber of Commerce for verifying and the winner is announced on Saturday evening at the Beer Garden. The Winner gets a special spot in the Sunday Car Parade.
Unofficial Mayor is an awesome position! Not only do you get the esteem of the entire Island you will: •Ride in a fancy car during the Tom Stewart Classic Car Parade!

•Get invited to important Chamber of Commerce events, community events and celebrations!
•Celebrate New Businesses at Ribbon Untying Ceremonies!
•Make Official Unofficial Proclamations celebrating awesome Vashon people and institutions!
•Anything else you want to do as long as it is legal and is within the office budget (for which there is none)

To declare your candidacy, get a copy of the official rules and a sample of an endorsement letter please contact the Vashon Chamber of Commerce at 206-463-6217 or email us at