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Wailing guitar, swirling organ, thunder Bass, throbbing drums and the urge to make you dance are what we bring to the party. The group has made appearances in the last three Strawberry Festival lineups, two years at the “Cat Butt” festival, several dates at the “Red Bike” and a truly unique mid-summer party for Tony’s Going Away (that never happened, he’s still here). The repertoire is comprised of material from such notable groups as Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, CCR, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Harry Nilsson. Kinda sounds like early 70’s FM radio fare, doesn’t it?

This performance will be very special indeed as we say farewell to our dear friend and drummer par-excellence, Dan Bruce. We’ve been truly fortunate to have Dan in the fold for the last three years and will miss his brilliant playing and warm, comical and collegial presence, as will so many other groups who have graced the Vashon landscape. In the spirit of community frivolity we are asking many of his Ex’es to participate with Dan and the band. The first hour and a half of the night will be the Rooster set. After that we’ll host the thronging hordes of Musicians who wish to bid him a musical salut.

Friday, May 27th, 8:30pm
Rooster at The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi. All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!