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The Rebel of the Road!

Hey all you old car and movie buffs, have we got a show for you! On Saturday the 30th at 5:00 in the evening we will have a showing of one of the best hot rod movies of all time, The Rebel of the Road! This is an all-ages, family-friendly (made for television in 1979) film that features a lot of character actors of the era and stars a gray primered 40 Willys gasser coupe. The movie centers itself around the classic concept that many vintage Western novels ( think Louis L’ Amour) and films are based upon, that of the good guy riding into the town controlled by the rich, bad guy and taking the big guy down as the townsfolk cheer our hero on. However, in this story, the good guy’s stallion is a straight-axles Willys, and he throws down with a blown Hemi instead of a six-gun. Sound interesting? Come join us Saturday evening starting with a classic car/hot rod show at 4p.m. In front of The Vashon Theater followed by the 5p.m. showing of the film. Security will be eyeing the ve
hicles while their owners are enjoying the film. Following the film we would like to encourage the car owners to relive their youth and hang-out uptown while cruising their ride in endless loops.