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Reality TV Star Runs for Public Office on Vashon

With a flip of his unkempt white wool, and a sheepish grin, Noodle the Sheep announced his candidacy for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon. Noodle rose to prominence after his appearance on an episode of the HGTV show Island Life.  He is also known locally for his heroism, as seen in video footage posted on

Unlike other reality TV stars, Noodle maintains the humility and good nature inherent in his island roots. Noodle is a born and bred local, an old islander from multi-generational stock.  He is a familiar figure in the Gold Beach neighborhood and can be seen frequently on afternoon strolls near his Sun Island Farm home, where he lives with the Yarkin family.   As part of his Mayoral Campaign, Noodle will be making special appearances at the Vashon Farmers Market, the Sheepdog Classic and other Island events.  As Unofficial Mayor, Noodle is excited about riding in a vintage car in the Strawberry Festival Parade, and looks forward to chewing through ribbons for new business grand openings!

Vashon Youth & Family Services strongly endorses Noodle, believing that he typifies the values held dear by all islanders: Individuality, Strength, Loyalty, Courage and Spirit!  He is calm in the face of a windstorm, and cool under the pressure of shearing.

Noodle firmly believes that all islanders thrive when they support each other and he throws his support behind VYFS.  Funds raised by Noodles’ Unofficial Mayoral Campaign will be used by Vashon Youth and Family Services to fund critical island social services: Free Crisis Intervention, Emergency Financial Assistance, Mental Health Counseling, Childcare Scholarships and Parent Education.  

Vote for Noodle and Support VYFS!  There is no age restriction, and you can vote multiple times. Each vote is $1. Look for ballot boxes at local businesses and the Farmers Market or log on to and Give Oodles for Noodle!