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A Real Anti-Diabetes Diet

Island Epicure

Diabetes recently surged to the top of nutrition writer Brad Lemley’s list of his readers’ main health concerns. It’s no news that overweight, the “standard American diet” and even the American Diabetes Association’s diet, ostensibly designed to prevent or remedy diabetes, pre-diabetes, and/or an overweight problem--well, it does not.  It makes no mention of reducing carbohydrates.

About the only thing the ADA list of okay foods got right was that it includes tomatoes.  The ADA is staffed by physicians, who have a conflict of interests. They do want to make their patients better; they just also want them to keep coming back. They will tell you that diabetes is incurable, and encourage you to follow the ADA’s diet and take metformin and other drugs they prescribe to keep your diabetes “under control.”

And yet, my late husband, just by counting and reducing his intake of carbohydrates, brought his diabetes down to where his doctor was able to reduce his metformin prescription to one-fourth of what it started. Unfortunately, he died of something else before he completely overcame diabetes. So here is a list of low-carb foods for all of us who are trying to avoid diabetes or get over it. Remember, we need some carbs for energy. If we cut them out completely our hearts would stop.
Low carb foods:
Beef or chicken livers
Bok choy
Red bell peppers (great Vitamin C source)
Full fat dairy: yogurt, cheese

Foods to avoid or go very light on:
Sugar, desserts
Grains, Bread
Sweet potatoes
Citrus foods
Sweetened beverages
Alcoholic drinks

In an upcoming column, I’ll give you some menus and recipes for eating well while staying slim or getting slimmer. Gourmet foods need not load you up on calories and carbohydrates. They can be eye-appealing and delicious without those.