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Random Thoughts & Chocolate, Part I

Positively Speaking

Scratch that last thought. Caity has an intensive job training thing going on. Celebrating birthday later. Such is the empty nest. And I don’t want you thinking either a. sorry for me or b. I screwed up with my kids because of what I wrote in the last column. My kids are all living out their gifts and talents and being who they were meant to be. Parenting is not an exchange. Parenting is a gift. You give, and perhaps you will get, but that is not the reason to parent. I spent many years helping my adopted kids forgive their birthmothers and they have both reunited with them. If that is how my parenting played itself out, so be it. I, apparently, held them and loved them until their parents were capable of parenting again. And my oldest son is working his stuff out about a dad who left and being the father of a son himself and marrying into another culture.

Are you parenting so you will get loved back, to fill some void? Anh! Buzzer! Wrong answer!  I mean, how good are you at loving YOUR parents? Maybe yes, maybe no. But not an equality equation.

So…of course the Seahawks story. Not only did they win, they were victorious. Anybody can win, but it takes character, courage and hard work to be victorious. Victory requires excellence and integrity. Go Hawks.

And now Olympics. NBC has lost a huge share shutting out those of us who are unplugged, those of us who live through our mobile devices or computers not through our TV’s. Ought to have offered us a limited package instead of requiring us to have a TV carrier. So…eventually all the events will be on Youtube.  I’ve got other things to do anyway. But I do so love watching all that hard work and perseverance. It’s just inspirational.

Yes, it is utterly and completely sexist The Seattle Storm were not treated like conquering heroes. It’s the curse of being heroines. Oh well…more work to do.

Valentine’s Day. Just don’t stress. Put the emphasis on thanking others for their love. Loved the Facebook share that said, ‘The real holiday is the next day when chocolate goes on sale for 75% off!’ Truth.

Chocolate…the answer to the security question, ‘What can you not live without?’ Oh… I think that’s eharmony. Wonder what would happen if I actually paid the fee instead of just getting those one sheets of info.

Now it is finally revealed that chocolate is good for us. We ought to eat chocolate everyday. Two ounces of medicinal bliss. Several thousand years it took for that research to get rigged. I mean for that research to verify. Too bad the same cannot be said of ice cream. Oh well…..

And other things. The downstairs neighbor brought up an amaryllis ready to pop open and said she would be gone and ‘there would be no one to watch it bloom. Would you like to care for it’. It has brightened my world and chose to bloom full force just the day before her return so I could share back the wonder and beauty and joy it gives off.  I am happy and live peacefully.

A year ago today I went to court and really stood up for myself for the first time in my life. I found out it’s never too late to learn to stand up for yourself. If you are ‘found’ do not let a group of ‘lost’ take away the quality of your life. Discover your courage and don’t get lost in your own story, or theirs.

Speaking of chocolate. One of those three dimensional copy machines that can make a chocolate bar, please.

The fact I am still completing the December 18, 2013 crossword puzzle gives me relief I will not have to actually subscribe to the New York Times service. The ten free games they downloaded for me when they were trying to get me hooked will suffice for a life time. At long last, ‘Take whatever time you need’ crosswords. Well, that stress won’t take a yoga class to eliminate. Whew!

Ah comforting pleasures. All hail the guy who spent $35,000 to film a perfect fire and sold the effort to Netflix. A digital fire is quite useful to us that have none. Warm, inviting in visual effect.

Netflix. Is it a cause for concern that Netflix now recommends ‘Cerebral Suspenseful British TV Series’ for me? Furthermore, what concern is there the British have so many from which to choose?

Milk and fish are not actually good for cats, and yet….

How is it I am a leading boomer (as opposed to a trailing one as defined by Social Security) and still riding around with three car seats in active use in my van…my van. Did you catch that part? Haven’t even downsized the car yet. Oh well…

In the middle of the spiral bound notebook marked on the cover with a sharpie pen that reads ‘Loop Rough Drafts’, there are twenty pages printed upside down. I like to think it is some factory worker’s declaration of independence rather than a mistake.

More later…
Love, Deborah