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Publish The Quest

Publish the Quest, a band with deep Vashon roots that has made a name for itself worldwide as both a musical and philanthropic force, is coming home to Vashon for another epic Strawberry Festival show at the Red Bicycle Bistro. This is the busiest night of the year on Vashon Island!

Publish The Quest blends groove music melodies with vocally driven compositions that continually question social issues through story telling. Publish The Quest is destined to make a difference both at home and abroad. Working with a nonprofit called Learn Africa, Publish the Quest has made several recent trips to Cape Verde, Zimbabwe, Mali, Poland, Portugal and Spain where they performed in music festivals and venues alike.

After three years of traveling, recording, and collaborating, Publish The Quest released a full length album titled ‘A THOUSAND KINDS OF GOLD!’ It was recorded in Seattle, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Nigeria… The album features Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Vieux Farka Toure, Nneka, Edith WeUtonga Katiji, Jeff DeMelle, Caleb Cunningham, Mark Oi, Mike Marlatt, Bill Jones, Matt Chamberlain, Izaak Mills, and others. If you don’t have this in heavy rotation in your CD player, you’re missing out.

Opening for PTQ is hip-hop sensation Colin Loch.  

Colin Loch is a self-taught hip hop recording artist who pens all of his own lyrics, mostly on his cell phone. He likes to call himself an “actionable poet,” a term he coined to describe his art. He is currently mastering his first project which will be called “Home is Where the Art Is.”

Colin was born in Scotland, has lived all over the United States and Egypt. Today, he calls Vashon Island his home and has lived there on and off for 22 years.

Among the artists that influence his music are Eminem, Jay Z, Lauren Hill, Logic and Atmosphere. But it was Colin’s older cousins that first introduced him to rap music. Later, his friend Beau gave him a copy of Eminem’s album “The Slim Shady,” and he was hooked. Many of Colin’s lyrics draw on his past experiences struggling with (and overcoming) addiction.  With this new-found clarity has come a new set of obstacles that he navigates which inspire his music today.
You can hear lyrics about Colin’s time working in the restaurants and bars - - which is how he pays for his music habit. Not only is he a great lyricist, Colin is a skilled cook and bartender.

Next up: look for his first music videos for “Bartender” and “Kitchen Life,” to be shot on Vashon Island in the next few months!

“My addiction to this music
Beat the ones I had for using
And the beats you hear me using
Keep me from the streets of
Losing this momentum heaven sent me
Won’t forget it ‘cause you let me
Find the person hiding
Deep inside of me
It was a blessing.”       - C.L.

Friday, Nov 11th, 8:30pm
The show starts at 8:30 p.m. at Red Bicycle Bistro. It’s an all-ages show until 11 p.m., and for ages 21 and older after that. I.D. is required. There is a $8 cover charge.
Get them now and you’re in the door! This show may sell out by the night of the event. Beat the rush!