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Public Meeting on K2 Sale

Bakkhos Holding, the company that is purchasing the K2 building, is inviting islanders to attend its own public meeting on Vashon this week. The meeting is scheduled for this Thursday Feb. 13 at 7pm at the Open Space for arts and Community.

Bakkhos representatives will discuss their plans to grow marijuana and make Edipure-brand edible pot products at the K2 building, as well as answer questions and hear comments or concerns.

Bill Moyer, executive director of the Backbone Campaign, is raising questions about potential contamination at the property. “ Jarden is about to sell this facility to a cash buyer, Bakkhos Holding, LLC. Bakkhos is a nine week old LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) with no ties to our community. K2 Sports/Jarden Corporation is requiring that Bakkhos Holding, LLC indemnify them for all prior contamination of the site. Though in and of itself an indemnification is not outside the norm, Bakkhos is agreeing to give that indemnification to Jarden without any independent scientific review of Jarden’s environmental assessment of the property. and doing so despite early warnings from one of their original team who objected to the indemnification and the nature of the seller-commissioned assessment.” Bill Moyer.

If you have questions or concerns you are welcome to attend the meeting and meet with Bakkhos representatives.