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Poultry in Motion

Poultry in Motion is basically what happens when you take talent, good looks, charm and enthusiasm, throw it all together in one band, then take away the talent, good looks and charm. They started out playing volleyball in vacant lots, alleys and transfer stations for tips. Later they graduated to playing music on empty trash bins in old car lots for pigeon food.

Poultry in Motion is Steve Amsden (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Wilson Abbott (dobro), Bob Kueker (bass), Dave Lang (button accordion, fiddle, mandolin), Gib Dammann (drums) and Chris Anderson (guitar).

Individually, not all that great, but when they join forces they reach the very heights of mediocrity.
– Shamelessly written by the members of Poultry in Motion

Saturday, September 26, 7:30 pm
 Vashon Allied Arts
 $12 Member/Student, $14 Senior, $16 General
 Tickets: VAA, Heron’s Nest,