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An Overdue Thank You to VISD and some thoughts

Yes, I am guilty of procrastinating. I feel very fortunate as a member of this community to have a fantastic school system. My family has found VISD to be supportive, caring and enriching. This is to my surprise...

As a parent on this Island we have explored about every educational option around; from CO-OP, private schooling, outdoor schools, and homeschooling. In each circumstance, we have had many experiences both enriching and challenging.  When we entered the public-school system last year at McMurray, I was impressed by passionate teachers that went out of their way to enrich our children. When special circumstance arose for us, we had meetings, were listened to and action took place to support my child. After having explored so many of these island educational options I know that no school is perfect. I think middle school can be an especially challenging time and my heart goes out to any child that feels threatened or uncomfortable at any school in any place. With this said, I am impressed with McMurray by the amount of anti-bullying and tolerance that is taught and imparted even in classroom activities and lessons.

Why is this letter overdue? I have a very strong belief that each person’s relationship with their healthcare provider is to be honored and respected.  As an island healthcare provider, I do not want to negatively influence a person’s therapeutic relationships based off my personal and professional experiences. Living in a small community, I especially have concerns about speaking out against another healthcare provider.

In the case of the lawsuit by Dr. Wright and other vs. VISD, there is too much community health at risk. I believe this type of lawsuit can not only financially and morally erode our overall school system, but our student’s pride and teacher creativity. As a healthcare provider, I believe we must first do no harm. Resorting to damaging actions should be a last resort after all unintrusive and diplomatic means have been exhausted.

Having rented an office at Vashon Natural Medicine for a few years starting in 2003, I can say that my personal, professional, and medical relationship with Dr. Wright ended with seemingly irreparable dissent.  Everyone makes mistakes; this is not what I worry about. I worry about what appears to be an irrational attack on our community’s well-being. It is my opinion that lawsuits like these are designed to cripple instead of repair.  It is my hope that as an island we can come together for both our students and its healthcare providers. If you have a long overdue ‘thank you’ to VISD, please let them know. Let us not settle or stay quiet.

So, to VISD staff, teachers and administrators, here is my long overdue public gratitude. Thank you for the long hours, your patience, and the amazing service you provide to our community. I am sorry that you have had to be challenged in this way. I hope we can all grow from this.

Jessica Bolding