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Our Solar Future

Solar power is at the epicenter of a storm that is transforming the way we power the American economy. Once the domain of futurists and environmentally-minded fanatics, solar power is becoming mainstream thanks to changing public opinion, a federal incentive program, and, in some states–including Washington–a sales tax exemption. According to energy expert Philip Warburg (Harness the Sun), solar power is key to ending fossil fuel consumption, galvanizing social activists, technology innovators and politicians across the ideological spectrum toward a lower-carbon future. Warburg, whose own home is powered by solar power, is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and has worked in renewable energy legislation, environmental advocacy and law reform. He was served at the Environmental Law Institute and the Conservation Law Foundation, and his writings have appeared in numerous policy journals and newspapers including Audubon, The Boston Globe, HuffPost Green, and The Washington Post.

Sunday, September 27, 2015, 4 pm, Vashon Allied Arts