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Now is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody

Backbone Campaign presents a documentary and community discussion about Single Payer Health Care on Tuesday, August 8th, 6 pm at the Theatre.  “Now Is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody” delves into the problems of US healthcare, what single payer health care is, and how it will save us money.

A panel discussion will follow, featuring Islanders involved with public health. Dr. Jessica Wesch and Dr. Baruch Roter of Neighborcare and Betty Capehart, Physicans for a National Health Plan- NW Chapter, will speak on the state of health care in our State and how we can organize to demand a better system.

The US pays nearly twice as much for healthcare as any other industrialized nation, yet it still does not provide care for all of its citizens. While the ACA has helped some, many of us are feeling the pinch of rising costs and narrowing networks. Polls show that 58% of Americans favor a national publicly funded healthcare program. The post-film discussion will help us understand what we can do to catalyze healthcare for everybody.

The screening is part of Meaningful Movies of Vashon, a project of the Backbone Campaign, and is made possible thanks to generous support from Island GreenTech and Vashon Theatre. Admission is by donation to the Backbone Campaign, a 501c3 not for profit organization.