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New Bylaws Vote

Do you know about the vote on proposed new bylaws coming up on Tuesday, Dec 18 at the VMICC monthly meeting? This will be a chance to stand up (or not) for a proposal that creates new bylaws with flexible rules of order, a chance for collaborative dialogue and a way towards progress and quicker decision making, among other things. Coming forward at this time when the VMICC is no longer officially recognized as an Unincorporated Area Council (UAC), the proposal offers a chance to change and update how our community may approach questions and issues.
You can read the motion on VMICC's web site

I personally know several of the people who have signed and co-authored this motion. I know that they have poured more than 2 years of their lives, probably more like a decade, of dedicated and passionate work to offer our community this opportunity. I hope you will find a moment during this busy holiday time to read and reflect on the issue, and as you are so moved, show up on Tuesday, Dec 18th to discuss and vote on the motion.