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New Art at Red Bike for Art Walk

The new show, Nine Moons features 9 paintings by Korina Knudson, who has signed and shown as Sri Lakshmi to reflect the spiritual influence of the work. The paintings explore several myths and legends of India and Tibet. This is her first show in 18 years. She studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and her last show was in Seattle’s Pioneer Square First Thursday art walk, upstairs from Jason Sprinkle’s former studio. (prior to his attaching the ball and chain to the Working Man sculpture in front of the Seattle Art Museum.) She worked part time soldering stained glass for Jason’s large installations, part time for Daniel Smith Art Materials and part time as a peddie cab driver in pioneer square. Her return to painting comes after sending her youngest child off to the first grade, allowing her to paint all day.

At the Red Bicycle, 17618 Vashon Hwy - 206-463-5959