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Morning Scramble To Go Live at FM Launch

This Fall, as Vashonians scramble to start their work days, KVSH-FM 101.9 will broadcast the live “Morning Scramble” show. Each morning a different host or host team will regale listeners with local music, ferry and traffic updates, Island weather and takes on Island life. You’ll meet your neighbors, hear what’s up with the arts, and exchange views on Island issues with lots of opportunities to call in with your thoughts and opinions. The show will air Monday through Friday, 8am to 11am.

Your Morning Scramble hosts have a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

Truman O’Brien, former jet pilot and teen deejay, will spin tunes from his collection of vinyl hits while he pulls adventure stories from listeners and tells a few of his own. Truman’s sidekick and co-host, Bob Stewart, will have stories and music of his own from life as a champion rower and beyond.

Michael Barker, actor, director, teacher, will co-host with Susan McCabe, VoV’s Station Manager, as they play the blues and mix it up with their comic views on Island life. Their show will be peppered with movie reviews from Hollywood, garden reports, news updates, non-profit organization profiles and backstories from Island news media.
Jeff Hoyt, former deejay and current professional voiceover actor, will team up with his wife, Cindy Hoyt, writer and one of the funniest women on the planet, to play some of the Island’s best music, interview Island artists and fill the airwaves with laughs.

Tim Everitt, a film writer, director and animator with a dusty history in radio, will bring his story-telling talents to the Morning Scramble with tales of Vashon’s human and commercial history as well as roots music - blue grass and country tunes from Vashon artists and more. His co-host, CC Stone, will bring spicy Island gossip and political commentary to Friday mornings.

Gregg Curry will focus heavily on music with one week dedicated to a particular year or artist, another week may deal with a single theme, another may be songs that were all recorded in one studio like Muscle Shoals Alabama. In addition to playing and discussing songs, art, and literature in light of historical and cultural developments, Gregg will also interview various Island musicians, artists, and other folks about how the music, art, literature, or whatever else is on that day’s programming agenda has touched their lives and what it has meant to them over the years.

“We are scrambling to keep up with ideas and volunteer producers coming to us with fresh KVSH-FM programming,” says VoV Station Manager Susan McCabe. “And, it’s incredibly exciting. Those of us who’ve worked hard for this radio dream are bruised from the pinches of disbelief as we see our dream coming true. Volunteers Rick Wallace and John Midgley have led the march to community FM licensing for VoV, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

In addition to the live Morning Scramble, KVSH-FM will host a live bi-weekly issues program titled “Matter of Opinion (MOO).” Hosted by journalist Eric Pryne, MOO will assemble representatives of differing viewpoints on a given Island issue and invite them to civil discourse along with live callers. “This show promises to provide a much needed open forum for Islanders to air their views on a variety of issues important to Island life,” says McCabe.

There’s a lot more where these programs are coming from, including comedy with Chris Austin, world music with Jason Everett, sounds of the intuitive with Lorna Cunningham, a tongue-in-cheek look at world events with Brian Brown and more. KVSH-FM is All Vashon All The Time. “Our goal is to provide programming of unique interest to Islanders,” says KVSH program chair Jeff Hoyt. “So send us your ideas and tell us what you want to hear.” Send suggestions to and become a part of community FM radio at 101.9 FM.

In its efforts to build Vashon’s own radio station, VoV has received donations from over 400 individual supporters. Fundraising will continue until the $50,000 goal is reached so equipment needed to produce a high quality FM sound can be purchased and installed. The station will also expand its Open Studio training program and improve studio space at Sunrise Ridge.

To support VoV’s effort to bring community FM radio to Vashon, visit