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Mandala Session

Welcome the New Year in with Mandala Meditation.

Mandalas, or circles, are made as a mindfulness exercise with roots in many spiritual practices. For our purposes we will be working with 2-d materials and creating our own contained images within circles on paper. Paper, mandala coloring pages, and some 2-d supplies will be provided but please bring any non-toxic and quick-drying 2-d materials you’d like to use.
Valise Gallery is offering this session as a gift to the community so there is no fee but we are happy to accept donations in order to continue offering events like this. There is no need to have an artistic background. Open to ages 16-80 with a limit of 12 people. Sign-up deadline 12/31

Let’s set the intention of this mandala making experience as a silent reflection on the past year and hopes for the new year.
The session will be 3 hours long on Sunday 1/10 starting at noon.
Valise Gallery, 17633 Vashon Hwy SW. 206-463-04006