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Life Gets Better as We Get Older on every level except the physical

The myth of youth as the best years of your life burdens the young and makes us all dread getting older. Nationally-recognized author, storyteller, social worker and Islander, Wendy Lustbader, will de-bunk this myth as she shares lively tales that depict later life as the source of ever-expanding inner and outer discovery. Blending memory with pearls of wisdom, Lustbader will illustrate the bounties of a life well-lived. Sure, aging brings physical aches and pains, but it also bestows self-acceptance and true self-knowledge.

Wendy Lustbader, MSW, is the author of several books that have earned her a national reputation in the field of aging. She is also a popular speaker at conferences throughout the United States and Canada, using storytelling to animate complex subjects. Additionally, Wendy is a skilled psychotherapist, having worked almost twenty years with people from all walks of life at a community clinic in downtown Seattle. Currently, she is an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University Of Washington School Of Social Work. The books Wendy has authored include: Taking Care of Aging Family Members (co-authored with Nancy Hooyman), Counting on Kindness, What’s Worth Knowing, and her latest book, Life Gets Better. Wendy is known locally on Vashon as Wendy Grosskopf, being married to Dr. Barry Grosskopf.

Come get excited about attaining an abundant length of days. Wendy’s talk, Life Gets Better as We Get Older, will begin at 4 pm on Sunday, June 1, at Bethel Church.  This talk is part of Vashon Community Care’s Telling Stories Speaker Series, by and about Vashon Locals. Ticket sales are by donation and are available in advance at Vashon Book Shop or VCC. All proceeds from this talk benefit Vashon Community Care Foundation. The Telling Stories Speaker Series is sponsored by the C. Green Family Partnership.