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The Life and Times of a Soldier

An Afternoon with Brigadier General (Ret) Joe Ulatoski
Brigadier General (Ret) Joe Ulatoski
Brigadier General (Ret) Joe Ulatoski

During his life to date, Islander Joe Ulatoski has held 47 different jobs, lived in 26 different places and worked in 47 different countries. This fact alone tells you what a remarkable life Joe has led. On Sunday, May 15th, Joe will share interesting stories from his unique and varied life experiences as part of Vashon Community Care’s Telling Stories, a Speaker Series by and about Vashon Locals.

Joe will share his own view of history, as he saw it as a teenager and after joining the army during World War II. What led him to go into the army and why did he stay in the army for so long and during such a period of history? We will follow Joe to Korea during the occupation and during the Korean War when he volunteered to be a Ranger. He will share his experiences on the front and operating behind enemy lines in North Korea as well as his experiences during four tours in South Vietnam. 

We will also hear what it was like to be an assistant Army attaché in the former Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War and about life in Moscow at this time of mistrust between two nations including experiences encountered with the KGB.  At that time Joe was one of only 13 US military officers in the Soviet Union who were responsible for observing the capabilities of the Soviet military. We’ll hear about things which none of us living in America ever knew.

After retirement from the Army in 1978, Joe became involved in the business world. This led to even more travel and living in those countries of the world that were emerging from command or planned economies into some form of market economy or that were undergoing major economic difficulties. Again, Joe was able to observe history in the making from a viewpoint that most Americans did not see or appreciate.

Come hear General Joe’s stories and his view of the world stage as seen through the eyes of both a soldier and civilian. Seating is limited. Purchase your tickets ahead of time at Books by the Way, Vashon Book Shop or Vashon Community Care. Tickets are by donation and all proceeds support Vashon Community Care.

VCC is delighted to offer Islanders the opportunity to hear and learn from the stories of our Island elders. Telling Stories Speaker Series is made possible by a generous donation from the estate of David W. and Catharine A. Carr.