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Join the SUV 6 week all island Wellness Challenge

Register by noon Friday March 16!

Kick start your new year by making a commitment to your wellness! Make up for eating a little too much and sitting around watching the snow and rain by participating in the 2012 Shape Up Vashon Wellness Challenge, which begins on Friday March 16.

The six-week challenge is an opportunity for friends, family and co-workers to work as a team on individual goals towards a healthier, more balanced life. This is a great opportunity to publicize your organization or business, or just join as a family or friends. Teams of four compete to earn weekly points for healthy activities such as exercising, not smoking, and eating well. The challenge concludes on April 26th and will be celebrated with an awards dinner, prizes and, perhaps most important, bragging rights on April 28.

1. Form a team of 4 friends, family, and/or coworkers.

2. Register your team at by noon Friday, March 16. Put your team name in the subject line, and list your name and email address and the names of your three other team members.

3. Go to to download the easy one page form for each team member. Download the Wellness Challenge Example to see how to earn your points. Or you can pick up forms at the Parks Dept., Vashon College, or the Vashon Athletic Club.

4. Decide who will be the team leader. The leader should be a SUV member but the other team members don’t have to be. The team leader can join on line: $10 for a year membership. Join at

5. Each team member reports her/his total points earned each week to the team leader.

6. The team leader reports the total team points each week to with the team name in the subject line.

5. Save the date April 28 for the SUV 6 month celebration dinner and the finish of the 6 week challenge! There will be prizes for the team with the most points as well as for SUV members with the most SUV stars in several categories.

All SUV members also receive stars for activities! Team members can join SUV at any time to start receiving stars and chances for prizes too!

For any questions, email us at

This is a fun Shape Up Vashon activity—you don’t want to miss out!