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John Browne

Snapdragon is pleased to bring you live music! Stop on by for some wonderful music, delicious food and tasty beverages!

On Saturday, May 23rd, performing in the Cone Hastings Gallery will be Island legend, John Browne.
Progressing from college sophomore to folk-music groupie-worshiper of Tom Rush, Fred Neil, Buffy St. Marie & Bob Gibson in early-60s Miami, John’s musical career has been what he jokingly refers to one long, downward spiral to this present time……but we all know differently.  

In the guise of 1/5 of the Ph Phactor Jugband in the ‘Frisco of ‘66, John was present (if stupefied) as an opening act for a number of notable performers- many of them dead- including Frank Zappa, Lenny Bruce, Dan Hicks, The Dead, The Doors, The Quicksilver Messenger Service, Blue Cheer, The Byrds, The Airplane, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Country Joe & the Fish, Art Linkletter, The Congress of Wonders, and others.

Just don’t ask him what he remembers... because he WAS there, you know... He is married to his art- and journeys on with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue-- all of which will likely accompany him to the Final Fireplace (and some sort of more-or-less inevitable Immolation). He loves everyone, and everything (& perhaps some unquantifiables, as well) because he is a Hippy.

Saturday, May 23rd, 7-9pm
John Browne