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Jessika Satori for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon

Jessika Satori is running for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon.  She is representing and fundraising for American Hero Quilts, founded on Vashon by Sue Nebeker in 2004.

Since that time, American Hero quilts has sent more than 26,000 quilts to our heroes around the world as a thank you for their service.  As Sue says, “a quilt is a metaphor for a hug.”  These quilts are handmade by volunteers from around the world then sent to Vashon where Sue distributes them to where they are most needed.

The money contributed for the Unofficial Mayor Campaign will be used to buy quilting materials and to ship the quilts.  The estimated cost of a quilt is $300.00 and the cost to ship 20 quilts to the Middle East is $800.00

Where to donate:
Containers are around town including all the grocery stores.
Online donations are at
By check to American Hero Quilts 6716 Maury Park Rd. Vashon WA 98070